Could we have a new Music Pack as a DLC?

this could be just the unused AOC tracks possibly remastered for CE, but I would love to have a new music pack for the game, maybe even a jukebox of sorts, we spend so much time in the same areas it would be nice to have the wider breadth of tracks out there and new available to us as ambient music.

Some of the tracks are so dull and awfully repetitive many turn the music off, I did when I lived in the volcano, but I actually overall like the music in the game.

you could even do cultured music packs, and if you could get tracks from the orginal 80’s movie score omg :o


(I assume)They don’t have the money to pay an animator to implement eating and bandaging animation i’d be so pissed if they spended money for new music.
This composer is a legend, a mozart of our time, but he might be more expensive than an animator for the bandaging and eating animation.

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Age of Conan, the MMORPG developed by Funcom, has some of the best music i’ve heard in a Game, some of this music is already in Conan Exiles, having more variation of those tracks would be a wonderful addition to the game, and i would love some of the combat tracks to be played when fighting other players or during purges


I wouldn’t assume that, they can afford an animator, look at dereketo dlc with chug beer etc, and think of all the new horse animations (combat and movement) but overall I don’t think they would even need to rehire their composer.

They clearly have the licensing through AOC, and maybe they could get the licensing from the original movies OST like they did riddle of steel statues.

Anvil of crom would make a great combat music alternative (post high adventure monologue)


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