Conan Exiles Theme Song

My daughter asked her band teacher to play this song, but we are having a hard time finding the sheet music for this. Anyone know where we can buy the sheet music for this? Her band teacher really liked this, and thanked her for sharing it with him. He never would have known about it since he does not play games.

Thanks in advance.

By: Knut Avenstroup Haugen
Song: Conan Exiles - Barbaric Orchestral Theme


We’ll look into it.
This sounds like a great project :slight_smile:


Man I would have loved to play this song way back in my band days. Neat idea.


It’s a great idea, and a pretty neat way of showing the world (or a somewhat smaller audience, as may be the case here) that game music can be good, too. The Conan Exiles Theme is totally badass and has a very “Conan” feeling to it.

If this project succeeds, we want to see and hear their band’s performance, so hopefully we’ll get a video recording of it (something Funcom could show as part of one of their live streams, too).


We contacted him and he will send over what he has as soon as he can and we’ll share it accordingly :slight_smile:


As a quads guy, would have loved to play this in my high school band.


Nah man, blast it on your trumpet across all 10 acres at 10 minutes of Raid Window. :trumpet:


Thanks Tascha. I can’t wait to hear them play this live. My daughter is in 8th grade and loves this song. Hopefully this will be one of the songs that they will play at Disneyland, since that is one of her scheduled performances. We’ll see, fingers crossed.


Let us know if they do! And put it on YouTube or something and share!

Oh wow, that would be awesome.
Knut is currently on a short trip in Spain, he promised to let us know and send over what he has as soon as he can.

Would be amazing to get a recording or some photos if they indeed practice and perform the piece :slight_smile:


I will definitely share it.


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I cannot wait to see it.


A bit far away, but otherwise it’d be…

On my bucket list:

  • Conan in Disneyland

Maybe I’ve gotten one more reason to say the word “Disneyland” now than to point at how they documented the making of it.

Bump. Keep alive, and hopefully we hear some good news when this will be available. I really hope soon since they have to practice. :smiley:

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