Add an icon to a Topic if a Forum Moderator has seen/read it

I think having some sort of indicator for Forum Topics to show a moderator has read or seen it would be a very nice thing to add. It’s really frustrating not knowing if any of the various bugs reported have been seen or not. This most frequently happens in the test live forum.

I don’t think an icon would add too much to the read time of the moderators… but I guess they might feel differently.

If it’s stated somewhere that all topics are read by moderators then please accept my apologies on this matter and carry on.

Usually the relevant people tend to comment if they forward a specific issue to the devs - if it’s a widely reported/discussed issue they might not do so on every post regarding the matter, of course.

Funcom are certainly on record for saying they read most (or all?) that is posted here, even if they don’t comment on all of it. I don’t have a link handy, but this has been said, usually when very divisive issues crop up that spawn many (many!) similar threads in a short span of time.

I’m going to assume they read more or less everything on the TestLive boards (else why bother with the whole shebang!).

Admittedly, it’s lately been the case that the TestLive build came out so close to the real deployment (a few weeks lead-time, at most) that anything but the most minor fixes/adjustments would be impossible to incorporate before deploy-to-live rolled around, particularly when also factoring in time for console certification, unless they wanted to delay the whole launch - which has also happened, but is not always an option.

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When we moderators read a thread from, it is not helpful to know because we do not work for Funcom. We are only here to enforce the forum rules.
Mikey is right, many funcom employees read the forum, they collect the information and reports to pass it on to the developers.

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