Add an option to zoom in more?

This game is so good looking and I love the world it’s in, I just wish I could appreciate it more but it’s hard when you can barely see due to how far out the camera is. Are there any plans to do this?


Hey AyAaron! As far as I know there aren’t concrete plans to add this option, but I will suggest it to the dev team :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’d like that too! This is a huge trip down memory lane and I could probably just walk around and look at things for quite some time.

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Thank you very much! I don’t know really anything about designing a game, but it couldn’t be THAT hard to implement right?

…and zoom out a little. Sometimes, I’m just trying to see if I can hit a character who’s vitals are just out of range to see on the screen.

Well, this is kind of by design. The limiting of vision is an intentional part of the difficulty balance.

I think, for me anyway, it’s more an issue with Ultrawide being sort of cropped. Every once in a while I want to see the percentage of a shot and the distance between where I want to move and the enemies position is just too far, especially if there is vertical difference. I sit and rotate my camera and try to see it from every angle and just can’t quite get it in the FOV.

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Oh, okay, that’s fair. I wish there was option to show hit % at your current position without shifting into the over-the-shoulder camera as well.