Add negative integers for latency settings?

Hey there! I’ve been loving this game, however, I feel like I’m having some weird issue with latency. About 5%-15% of my notes are triggering early, and never late, when I’m in the audio calibration menu. I’ve seen games before have a negative modifier for latency, and I think this game needs the ability to do that, without having to go into your system file and editing a text document.

I’d understand if I was early and late with presses. I’m not claiming I should never miss the beat, but I feel like the latency system needs some tweaking and the ability to go for a negative integer in audio/video latency, as when I’m early it keeps saying “Decrease audio latency” but I can’t go any lower.

I had posted this already, but accidentally posted in the wrong section and deleted it to post here. I deleted my previous post.

Greetings from Hell!

Thank you for your feedback. We shared your claims with our team.

May your voice be heard!

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