Hello! Struggling a little, would LOVE to see an option to adjust

Hello :slight_smile:
First off, loving playing the game so far, the only thing i would love to see is an option to adjust how fast the waves are coming, playing in coop with a friend who is a little ‘slow’ (To be fair we both are ^^). & really struggling to cope with doing everything required. I totally understand that the pause feature is there to deal with this exact issue but honestly it takes a bit of the fun out of it for us…

Totally understand this isn’t something for everyone, expecting to get bashed for wanting ‘easy mode’ but i guess that’s the idea of an ‘optional setting’ ^^…

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Also - if anyone knows of a way i can edit game files to do this for us, i’d be eternally grateful - we have 0 interest at all in leader-boards etc)