Save Game in Coop

Hey guys!
First at all you did a very nice job with this game, but it would be really nice if there is a option to save the game in coop mode.

Today me and my mate finally did 25 waves and it took 2 hours, so if we wanna do more waves to get higher tier stuff, it would take a lot more time.

So a save option like in anno multiplayer would be a nice to have.
May you consider this.


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Hey @Ignasi,

Could this thread be merged with Multiplayer saves please?

I 2nd this. My GPU keeps crashing and ruins our save game. When i go to rejoin it is unable to as well. I have a 1080ti and i’m not sure why it does that. I also just got windows 1903, new Nvidia drivers, dono. Save game in coop would definitely solve the issue.

Auto save every round and every half round or a setting.