Multiplayer saves

There seems to be no way to save a multiplayer game. Am I missing something? Is this an oversight? A bug? It is really a feature that should be implemented. Thanks.


Hey @reesed91,

Thanks for taking the time to write! Now let’s see. Saving a Co Op game was something that we decided would not be available for launch since it require extra work to get it to work bug free, since its much easier to have one player resume a save as opposed to having to coordinate reconnecting 2 players.

However, we do see the benefits and need of having something like that work so we are currently in the process of looking into that feature.


Thanks, hope this feature arrive soon.

We enjoy playing your game with my wife, but with young child it’s impossible to play during hours, so it’s currently impossible for us to finish a long coop… :confounded:


Hey there! I also hope this will be possible soon - a friend and i bought the game just because the coop and unfortunatelly we cant play for hours in a row what means we cant play the game because starting over and over again isnt really that fun… Another friend also will buy the game when coop-save will be avialable and i bet there are a lot of other people who really hope this will come out soon, too : )


I created a forum account just to see if this was a bug or not. This is an essential feature for any multiplayer game with fixed long sessions to complete. Please prioritize this in the next feature update. Thanks.


Hi @PG_Ren,

Can you tell us about coop save roadmap ? Are you working on and can we expect release in next weeks ?

I think only host can keep game save, and restore with any player when load.

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Hey @Lyofen,

Nothing official yet as far as a road map, but I can tell you we are working on allowing the Host to create a save and then essentially load up the save similar to how one would create a lobby.

I’ll keep you guys updated here once we begin to test, but the feature is currently still being implemented.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer and working on this feature.

If you need people for beta test, you know where to ask =)

This isnt implemented because it wouldnt be easy? is that a joke? this is the standard the game should be finished before you cash in.

@PG_Ren Thanks a lot to have release coop save, it’s a pleasure to play this game now !