Single player sometimes not saving

Game mode: Single-player/Co-op
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe
Hardware: Xbox One fat

Bug Description:

When playing in Single Player mode, sometimes the progression just isn’t saved. I leave the game through the main menu then leave, and the next time I launch the game nothing has been saved and I’m back where I was on the last loading. At first I thought it was a Co-op only issue (5 times out of 5 playing Co-op didn’t save), but SP started doing the same thing (for example, today morning and just now).

Expected Behavior:

I expect everything I do to be saved.

Steps to Reproduce:

Log into the game, do stuff (be it for 5 minutes or 5 hours), exit through the main menu, log back in. Nothing saved.

At this point I’m even weary to start playing knowing there’s a good chance nothing will be saved in the whole session. Besides I thought I read here that the game saves every few minutes ? Is that only true for Online servers ?

It seems I’m not the only one experiencing this issue :
I was going to include two posts, one from user ‘Marlene’, the other one ‘Icefalcon28’ but the forum doesn’t let me post links.

I might have missed it but I haven’t seen any acknowledgement from the devs. Has there been one, is the issue noted and is there a fix planned or something ? I’m enjoying the game otherwise. Thanks.

I’m not an xbox user but is there a way you can check if your hard drive is going bad. Can you run diagnostics on your xbox ??

Hi, thanks for the reply. I doubt my hardware is the cause of my issues since I never had any saving problem except on this game, and it’s not systematic. The fact that at least two other people (the topics of whom I couldn’t link to) are experiencing this issue seems to confirm it’s not (only) on my part.

I was hoping to play with someone in a few weeks but if co-op isn’t saving at all then what’s the use.

Go into xbox settings and run a network test. You can also disconnect from xbl and force the game to save to your console, reconnect to xbl and let it sync. Singleplayer /Co-op use the same host server, hence trying it offline.

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There has been several others who have this problem, but it’s not universal to Xbox users. It seems like a pretty uncommon bug, but that doesn’t help the people it effects of course.

My only tip is to always make sure you exit the game to the main menu before quitting the game or turning off the console. But it sounds like you’re already doing that so it’s beyond me

Hopefully they can find the cause and get it fixed before too long

I will try this. What bothers me is, that other person I mentioned I would play with is currently with me and playing on my console, and has had no problem saving their game. Of course it might not be significant given the small amount of times it happened to me, but still.

Besides, we intended to play in co-op, which will be difficult, unless maybe they host ?

Yes I always exit the game through the menu, which obviously isn’t helping much.

I hope the bug will be officially acknowledged by the devs (unless it has already been, which I might have missed).

What I don’t get is, how can the game disconnect from the server without saving any progress at all. Implementing an auto-save feature every x minutes would fix this problem easily I guess.

Should be fine if they host. Just make sure you exit the game correctly. I’d also suggest making sure all other profiles are signed out of your console when playing.

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Also run a test. Go offline, launch Conan in singleplayer mode, build a single stack of 3 foundations, exit the game via menu, reconnect to xbl, relaunch Conan and see if the foundation stack is present. Offline test should see if it’s a hard drive issue. If it’s not the hard drive, try resyncing your gamertag.

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Testing things might not be conclusive since the issue isn’t systematic.

After thinking I might have found the cause of the issue (thanks to you suggesting signing out other profiles, which I do anyway) : I can’t be 100% sure but I believe another account was previously logged in (with or without mine, I can’t say), and I switched while in the game menu. The UI acknowledges the change but now I’m wondering if it’s preventing saving at all. Will have to try this.

Quick update :
After further testing I think I can confirm the issue is caused by switching profiles while the game is running. Tried switching and it didn’t save, closed the game then started it again and saving seems to work in both SP and Co-op.

Now I hope this will be either fixed (not selfishly because I know how to bypass this, but for others), or that it will be visible somewhere because it’s really gamebreaking.

While I’m here and to avoir creating a new topic, quick question : my boyfriend started the game a bit before me on my console (he’s the one I’m switching accounts with). I can see his base in my world, but it hasn’t been updated in a long time, probably since I started myself. Is this expected, and thus is it possible to share a world asynchronously (until we start co-op) ? We never played co-op together.

Yep. Co-op and singleplayer use the same server. You can clean slate the save by deleting the save game under manage games and apps. Anything you build in singleplayer will be there if you’re the host in co-op. Return to singleplayer mode and the player characters of anyone that joined your co-op game will be there.

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So does that mean only the host has access to their progression in co-op ? If we start playing in co-op together and I’m hosting, will my partner have all his pets and items etc or will he have to start over ?

Your partner’s singleplayer game should be unaffected if he joins you in co-op. Only the host sp/co-op world will be affected by any changes, such as building a fancy beach resort. You’ll need two xboxes for co-op. There’s no splitscreen couch co-op mode. Your partner will need to create a character to join you. You can use admin to grab anything you two might need.

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I think you indirectly answered my question. I wanted to know if we could both share a persistent world where each of us could play in single player and in co-op, but I guess this requires renting a server or going on official ones. Thanks.

Nothing stopping you from taking turns hosting co-op. Main downside with co-op mode imo is the leash. You have to remain within a certain radius of one another at all times…and don’t admin teleport, it can lead to some humourous situations, that may result in death for the non admin.


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