Could you add "more" Singleplayer/Co-op Savegame(-Slots)

Hey there,
i really love the Game, however one particular Issue which i’ve had since a long time with the game is the fact, we can’t have multiple Savegames. (On PC there was once this cool tool which did help, but as far as i understood the dev stopped working on it, and IMHO i would like an official solution more anyway due that i can be also delievered on Console, which i’m playing on right now).

I mean it’s not like we would need “infinite” Savegames, but if we could’ve atleast 3-5 Slots where your current Server-Settings/Savegames are saved that would be amazing.

Because i’d like to have one purely Solo-Character/Savefile… and (atleast) one to play with Friends & Family.


I absolutely agree with this. This would be amazing for solo and co-op roleplay and pve.

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It would definitely be nice.

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