Easier option + saves

We’re still trying to get our first win!
Please consider adding an easier level for co-op play. My friend and I we just keep losing. This is a complex game. It’s not good for newbies to just keep losing again and again and again. This can be very discouraging. Better is to have an easier level that newbies can soon win, and then as they have seen what a full game looks like, then they can ratchet up the difficulty. People who don’t want to try that easier level, they don’t have to use it.

Also, why not allow manual saves. After investing a lot of time in a game, we want to be assured that our save will be there for next time. We want to see it, on a save/load screen. The game could have the current mode with no manual saves, for those who want that, and another mode with manusal saves. Also, manual saves let’s us go back a couple of waves to the origin of an error, and eliminate the error. You may say, that’s tough, if you made an error, then live with it (or die by it) and start all over again if necessary. That’s one view. I don’t know about you, but my free time is very limited, so being able to enjoy the game more with it taking less time to get there is advantage. Having to go all the way back and start a game from the beginning again, in order to get to a win, is very time consuming.

I know another view is “you newbie wimps, toughen up and get good”. You’re free to live by that view if you like, but please don’t impose that view on those who don’t hold that view (if you want us to be happy customers).

Thanks for listening.

Hello @Frankie, thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with us!

Conan Unconquered is indeed a challenging game, and we’ve made efforts in smoothing out the learning curve through the in-game manual, which contains valuable tips, as well as by adding an Easy modifier to the single-player campaign scenarios. The cooperative mode also allows you to customize the difficulty through a few options.

Regarding your feedback, we’ll be sure to register it for the developers to consider!

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