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Hello everyone,
I’m a casual player on Conan Exiles, I host the game to play most of the time with 2-4 friends.
First I want to thanks the dev team for the huge amount of work putted into the game since last time I played (almost 2 years ago), so much things changed since, it’s a completely different game for me, more polished, balanced and thus way more enjoyable for us.
I have three suggestions / requests, only QoL (I guess they are already knowned :-))
1 - Allow multiple save slots for solo / coop games. I know nowadays there are less games that are using this basic feature, but the more I play the more I’m telling myself, well, I have my game with my friends, but what about trying something else on my own side. I can’t do that in the game, I know there are ways to do that but it’s by swaping save files etc…If this can be done manually with windows folders I guess it can also be done in the main game menu, I think it’s really needed.
2 - Find a way to simplify the craft inventory and inventory management. You see I’m using a controller, and even if some things have changed since last time played it’s still a pain to find the recipe I want (I know there is a search field for keyboard users but I can’t use it with a controller), there is something to do there, unfortunely I don’t have a precise idea of what to do, maybe “folders” or a similar thing…I just know that it’s difficult to find what I’m looking for every time, and this particularly when I can craft 5 differents stairs / walls / etc…there is a lot of things for sure and it’s great, but inventory and crafting management it’s a bit frustrating.
3 - Add an in-game index (maybe it’s already there and I don’t know how to use it). For exemple I need a particular component : steel…first I don’t know how to create that, so I have to find by myself or to look at internet to know what to do and steel is a quite simple exemple. I really like to explore and to find secrets hidden in the world by myself, but trying to imagine how something must be crafted, and in wich workstation sometimes…it’s is a bit complex for nothing I suppose (at least for me). Can’t I somehow display the crafting instructions when selecting an item to display them on a screen tooltip instead of each time trying to look in the differents menus to find clues, this problem in addition to n°2 above is really frustrating.
That’s it, I tryed to be as clear as I could, I’m sure many of you are experiencing the same things. Thank you for reading and I wish you all nice adventures in this universe, a savage violence, blood, debaucheries and finally tons of treasures.


Some good requests :slight_smile: (and things many people I’m sure would like to see fully implemented). I thought I’d add a couple of tips (in case you’re not already aware of them) that may at least offer some way towards what you’re after.

  1. I know you’re aware of the option to swap save files (I can help you find the files if you’re not sure which you need) - there may be another option here, but I need to do some checking and I’ll get back to you if I’m right.

  2. There are a couple of options that have recently been added that help with this a bit - not perfect, but may be useful if you’re not familiar with them -

  • there is a drop down menu that can sort things by different dlcs (so you only see stuff from that one dlc)
  • more useful - the little circles just to the right of that drop down menu now select a category of items and the list will then show only that category (eg - armor, weapons, building etc)

A picture might help to illustrate :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, this really is needed (one of the biggest weaknesses the game has in my opinion) - there is something that can help a bit - if you check in your Feats menu for the specific Feat that lets you learn the thing you want to make, in the box on the right of the screen it will tell you where that thing is crafted (but not what you need…) - then you can look in that station and check the recipe and it will tell you what you need to make that thing. (But this still doesn’t help with things like Steel that don’t have a recipe, they just happen automatically - the best I can suggest for these things is to check the Wiki - it is player created, but constantly being updated and is pretty good for all this sort of information.) Really not the ideal answer, hopefully Funcom will one day add a proper source of this information in-game, but hopefully that helps a bit…

If anything I’ve explained here is not clear, just ask and I’ll try to explain better. I hope that helps at least a bit :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome, LordAmaury. Those are very nice suggestions and would be very welcome to have them in game.

Yes please, lucky for us we have siptah now, so i can play there as it should be, while in the Exiled Lands i grant me admin rights and build as much as i want. having the option to save progress in different characters would be amazing.

I suspect they tried to do this by including more work stations, not sure if it worked, but the interface of this game has always bothered me. Little organization in inventory and recipe list is very extent for what the UI offers. It needs to improve.

I never seen one, but it could be integrated where the feats are located, once you learn it unlocks the required steps to craft it.

I would also add the option to navigate from the recipe components as hyperlink to the items required. IE, i want to craft armor but it says i lack of twine, instead if opening my inventory to look for the twine recipe or search it in the bench, the icon in the recipe could link me to that particular recipe to craft it and going back to what i was previously working.

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Hello :slight_smile:

thank you both for your replies and suggestions. I am indeed aware of the filters in the crafting menu, it helps a lot for sure but its still not enough. To say things in another way : It always feels complex to do something simple for the player, maybe a UI overhaul / rework is needed I don’t know.

I also play others games, one of them is No Man Sky, it’s a very different game but with similar mechanics regarding crafting, and everything feels smoother to craft in this game, I’ll use it as an exemple :

Firstly he game has an in-game encyclopedia (a dedicated tab in the main menu), with include every sinle item in the game and how to craft / find it. In addition you can “pin” the item and it will display in your main game window small instructions like a “mini-quest” (ex : 1-Find some wood 2-Craft this workshop 3-Craft the item using the wood in this workshop).

Secondly, the game have some kind of “direct shortcuts” to craft, directly from the main game window, so the need to open the main menu etc…is not there anymore, you can just circle through shortcuts to build what you want, I guess that similar shortcuts could benefit a lot here. it’s hard to explain but if you watch a small video about shortcuts on NMS I guess you will see what’s about.

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I totally agree with first suggestion. We should have different save files. So we can play Coop with friends also alone.

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