Consistent resources and wave slow down

Im 13 hours played and loving the game so far.
I made it to wave 20 last night and was obliterated by some battering ram things.

I really felt managing the economy is too hard.
Why are the resource places so spotty?
I have a market with 60 dwelling surrounding it. All those dwelling are taking 1 wood, i cant find a place to get more than 2 wood.
Same thing with farmland and stone.
Im already fighting catapults, fire demons and 100 horse men can i please get a nice full forest to chopdown.

My 2nd issue is the waves come in too fast! After wave 13ish by the time i put out fires the next wave is in my face.
Either have a slow option or dont start the countdown til 75% of the current wave is dead.

Thats really my only two big isses, im enjoying and bought the 2 pack on steam. My buddy likes the game too even tho he trashes the graphics.
Im preying they let the modders have there way with this game like They Are Billions. I would love to play a helms deep or 300 fan made map.


I don’t like they use wood for upkeep i can agree they need more food for upkeep but not wood.

Economy managing take to much effort i agree and limit you to use the higher tier and cool defense


I agree the the wawe are to close and the Economy is hard


I despise the wall fires, pretty stupid for them to be one small section that you have to put out at a time. actually starting to hate the game because of this


The new patch makes your units more aggressive to put fires out. Fires are still annoying as hell but its better.
I dont feel the wave “slow down” at all!
Im getting pissed that im 30 hours in, playing with everything on easy and wave 21 is my best.

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I agree with the speed of the game. waves are too fast and you barely have anytime too rebuild or put out fires or even expand. i believe the speed should go down and in return increase the number of enemy’s attacking to balance it out?