It's more frustrating than it is fun

just my opinion but as the game is right now i dont really like it. as the title says i’m not really having fun playing it, just getting pissed off at how ridiculous it is…if you enjoy it good for you.

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If you could specify please what ruins your experience it would help understanding what is wrong with the game.
It would help everyone all around, the developers to strife and make it a more pleasant experience to the wide audience, and help other players to chime in and drop a couple of tips that might help you.

IMO I think the economy isn’t balanced. The cost of building EVERYTHING verses upkeep and then how much is generated is barely sustainable.

He/she doesnt really need to be that specific, the games pretty much broken as it currently stands. You can go on an endless cycle of; farms, houses, command; and keep getting more broke - when ALL i have is houses, i should be rich. Building one measly unit feels like you’re breaking the bank. Anything you build costs so much upkeep, the waves come from way to many sides in coop…making it very un-coop (ur never doing anything with your ally). Siege weapons are over powered while all your units are under powered. It honestly feels like almost 0 play testing was done…these are just integers or floats…just change them.

The map diversity is pretty lame too. Theres no lucky dead ends, or weird shapes…its just corridors and mountains.
The ai is psychic and knows where you have a hole in your wall and will circle the entire map to get there… the ai in general is pretty broke. You can just raze a wall across the map and have armies circling around etc. Can’t recommend this game as it is now. Ive actually stopped multiple people from buying it until some effort to making up for the price tag/ day 1 dlc is shown - let alone the broken status.


Sboo Im not gonna call the game broken but unbalanced YES! I think im gonna play one last game today til a big patch comes out.
I remember getting my butt handed to me on They Are Billions at first, but it wasn’t like this.

*Economy needs to produce more
*Reduce upkeep cost
*Siege weapons need to be nerfed
*Way more time between waves “they say they added more time to easy mode.” I didnt feel it.
*remove fire

I’ve only played 3 coop games so far, but it seems fine once you figure out what works. Fast expanding and walling chokes early on lets you gold boom and tech fast. Then a few towers behind braz and rotating garrisoned units makes for an easy hold well throughout the mid game. Baiting the monsters into wall defenses to get artifacts as soon as possible and only having around 10 units for most of the game (easy to level up) has been enough to win so far. I wish there was a better way to mass sell stockpiles in the market, otherwise difficulty seems mostly dependent on map resource layout.

I very agree with that. The economy is way far to be balanced. I had right now a hour of game completely ruined.
I were being swarmed and troops destroyed my houses. After that I couldn’t back to the game again, because I was -22 of gold income. And troops when attack stole your stocks also.

In another game I was completely stucked too. I couldn’t build anything. Because I had one lumber camp destroyed and the unit stole my wood stock too. I was very low already. So I need to build a lumber camp but I don’t had thralls and food enough. Hunter shack need 3 woods and I had zero. Hovel need 2 of food and I had zero too. And I stay stucked on this cycle.

Upkeep costs are BRUTAL. You can’t evolve your game enough and build a single unit you broke the bank. The game has potential but is waaaay from a balanced game yet.

I think not necessary to remove fire. But it needs to spread slowly and less damage.

The problem I have with it that all buildings affect upkeep in some way. Rather than having a set cost, the buildings constantly drain at resources, besides the starting cost. I understand this means that you should look for more resources as your base grows larger, but it can reach a point where there is no way you can manage such a large territory, specially not with a wave crashing on you just after you fended one and most of your guys are sick/burning/near dead.

OK guys my 2cents on this game so far. got too wave 24 in co-op with a friend on the lowest difficulty.
Point 1 - waves are too fast and you have little time to build anything new, spent most of my time re walling and demolishing towers that are on fire

  • point 2 - with this type of game speed it is impossible too get the advanced building/units and actually use them. at lvl 24 we were still using javilin and balista towers

Game has potential but in its current state i dont know