Various suggestions, feedback

First off, Love the game, me and my gf are having a blast however;

  • In Coop it feels like you u almost can’t build Anything, because of how the economy works.
    Right now its way easier to play solo because of how the gold income works.
  • Upkeep on walls should be removed or lowered. Upkeep in general is very restrictive in this game. It effects the fun factor a lot. I feel like I can’t experiment with different units etc.
  • Fire even with the recent patch is still annoying to the point i end up just selling a whole row of walls and rebuild them. Stone walls in particular should be much harder to set on fire…as they are stone. (fire immune wall upgrade, sand tower(both push back on enemies and put out fire) would be cool.
    -The DLC needs to be addressed as this is a big reason there is negative reviews for the game. Just my two cents, but why not make 2 more heroes, and add it to the package? Im going to buy the dlc cuz the game is awesome but that dlc really hurt the game.
    Thanks for the great game.

Hey @SidneyBoo

Welcome to our community and thanks for the feedback.
Some of these suggestions are already being considered by the devs. Keep an eye on our social channels to stay up to date with future news about the game :slight_smile: