New wave mode for 2~4 players co-op

new wave mode for 2~4 players co-op

  1. wave: 1.5min/per wave (origin ver:3min), not shown wave dirction at mini map
  2. Hero’ HP decrease 35~50%
  3. Hovel income increase 5 Golds
  4. Tower(sunburst,stygian fire…etc)/Traps upkeep/cost decreased
  5. add units upgrade level 1,2,3, (not only level one,enemy i see level above 16)
    6.reduce market Buying price ex: 1.5~2 * selling price = buying price
    7.tame wild animals that become your troop
    (tame 1(5,15) than use 1(5,15) not infinity ,new unit: tamer)
    8.massive guardians add in special wave units and new enemy
    10.add some leasure structure as Conan exiles

Hey there, thank you for your suggestion, we’ll register it for the developers to consider!

thank you for your suggestion