Suggestion after playing 70hrs

i think Conan Unconquered is great game.
but need more special element to defeat TAB(they are billions)
“Conan Exiles” is very popular game
wish developers try to play “Conan Exiles”
to feel fighting guardian how hard to defeat him
(guardian very smart and fast attack cycle)
and some elements in Conan Exiles:

my suggestions as following:
S1:tame wild animals that become your troop
(tame 1(5,15) than use 1(5,15) not infinity ,new unit: tamer),
S2: more diffrent units (9 units isn’t enough)
S3: add units upgrade level 1,2,3, (not only level one,enemy i see level above 16)
S4: misson of attacking guardian’ castle on random map ,
S5:new game mode, 1v1 PVP at normal AI enemy wave
(pvp + normal AI enemy wave 1~25~infinity,two elements combine together at one match.
initial money need more than preset. )

S6:reduce all tech research cost
most of players find hard to upgrade more tech in early/middle game.(12~22wave)
may reduce 15~25% cost?
S7:3~4 players co-op in the future
S8: Why not increase foods after killing of wild animals ? only farming…
S9: cost of the Traps is very high…may reduce cost?

Hello @mars_yu_tw, welcome to the community and thank you for providing us with your feedback!

We’ll register your suggestions and forward them to the developers for further consideration.