Wave Adjustment Timer

Alright so I know this has been brought up a few times in general feedback that the waves feel too close together. They aren’t really if you defeat the waves early, then you have lots of time. Problem is, the later longer and larger waves take longer to take down.

So here are a few ideas:

  1. Pause the next wave countdown until only 10 units remain

My guess is the developers didn’t want someone to exploit a wave and let them build up cash indefinitely. By setting it to a 10 (or maybe a bit more) enemy unit threshold, this will give players a moment to breathe to prepare before the next wave begins it’s countdown.

  1. Increase the timer it takes in between waves, or use a formula to determine a set amount of time based on the difficulty of the wave.

Honestly this could already be in the game and I just didn’t notice. I didn’t exactly use a stop watch to figure out if all wave timers we’re the same (though they probably are).

  1. Have the wave progress slowly but build up to normal speed the more enemy units are eliminated.

Same principal as idea 1. Just giving the players a little bit more breathing room

  1. Add bonus time for completing an optional objective

Killing a map boss, finishing the wave under a certain time, only using a hero unit to kill the wave, spend x amount of gold during the wave, etc etc etc. Basically idea is to reward players for doing side objective with more time to prepare.

  1. Add a wave timer slider

This one is the one I’ve seen requested by the community the most, so thought I would add it on to the list.

  1. Only start the next wave timer on final enemy death

To counter people using a single enemy to hold back a wave, have a countdown timer start at some point (maybe when 5 enemies are left) that if breached, will actively harm the player’s final score.


Hey @Multigun

That’s a fine set of ideas. Sending it to the devs so they can give it a thought :slight_smile:

just purchased this game with my friend and we agree with the above. The waves are just too fast and you don’t have time too even enjoy the game building more units or advanced buildings for example

is there any update?

update since patch, i am really enjoying this game with the recent updates and also really enjoying the countdown timer, allows that little extra time too enjoy the game and build more units before the wave starts