My thoughts why the balance is off in different aspects of the game

Another post in which i want to point out a few differences to try and help nail down the balance problem in the game.

Correct me if i am wrong at any point please.

  • In TAB the waves take longer to arrive and overall you get more resources and less upkeep, while the cycle are Days\Hours and the upkeep occurs every 8 hours. Even though i think the income also happens every 8 hours so it is synced like in Conan.

  • In Conan the waves are way faster to arrive and there are only “Ticks” that indicate the time that has passed.

What seems to be the problem in my opinion is that the “Dynamic Range” in Conan is a lot thinner than in TAB.
If we compare it on a scale, TAB would be 0 through 10 and Conan 0 through 4 lets say. That doesn’t allow the game to have wide variables.

It is also translated into the games economy, you build a lumber mill that gives you only 2 wood since there was no other wood or it wasn’t close enough to another wood tile be collected from. So the upkeep of 1 wood is a lot “Heavier” since it is a 50% from your income. Add on top of that the upkeep for that lumber mill.

Now lets say by default or through upgrade you could have 5 wood from one tile, that means you could have by default a higher upkeep like 2 instead of 1.
Now you might ask what was the point of this? You inflated the numbers so the income and the upkeep just equally got higher, but that is the thing. The income gives you an unequal number which leaves you with a some what higher profit. That way the “Dynamic Range” is wider and allows for more inflated numbers on both income and upkeep, Which allows flexibility.

The other thing that bothers me is the fact that you can play any scenario except the endless one, with only walls\tower\javelins. This shows a few problems such as overpowered early units, under power early enemy units. Enemy units might not be under powered via stats, but maybe because of the lack luster AI.
The economy is so strict that it is hard to squeeze in some high tier upgrades even when getting into the last 20th wave. It is possible but even so not necessary like mentioned previously.
Either increasing the income and inflating the numbers a bit like previously suggested, or double the amount of time it takes for the waves to arrive while adding a button to allow to summon the wave at any time with a bonus score modifier (just like Beefy mentioned in Discord).

The game difficulty balance reminds me of “The Division”, yeah sounds funny but it shares one similarity. The game gets artificially harder by inflating unit stats and not by making them complex.
In TAB most of the units are Zombies, and once in a while a special unit is added and eventually more of those special joins in every wave.
In Conan you have all these different units in different varieties but they are meaningless since they don’t synergize together properly because they still behave like mindless Zombies.

  • Increasing the number of the cannon fodder units significantly while making other units rare but way more tougher and code a unique AI behavior for those.

I don’t think endless should be where you suppose to be able to experience the whole tech tree. I think you should be able to do most up to wave 25 with significant challenge, and any wave beyond it on endless is a gift :wink:
These are my thoughts in general, i think the game doesn’t have a lot of “Space” for the developers to maneuver and any change currently shifts balance in a very drastic manner.

What do you guys think? What is the cause of the economy trouble? Or the fact that early game is super easy and endless ends just because of AI’s inflated stats and not its tactics\intelligent’s?


Yea the upkeep costs on advanced buildings are brutal. Just when you feel like you’re getting ahead you build some new fun stuff and boom you kill your economy.

The game could stand to be a little more forgiving. One mistake and it’s clear you might as well trash the game and start over from scratch.

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and just to add to the fun, you can’t just pick up the game from the last point where you still had a viable chance to win. Your last save game is just as hopeless as your current situation so guess what bucko? Back to square one you go. Over and over, until you realize that you’re spending way too much time on this game and you quit.