Balance is non existent

First of all the leveling balance is horrible there is basically no progression.Running around to max level is not progress, might as well remove levels and let us craft t3 right away because that’s how the game should be played right now at least on PvP servers. Skipping whole t1 and t2 part of game is horrible game design, game had better balance in early access regarding that!

Building pieces:

Black ice is complete joke to get compared to it’s counter part Reinforced stone(Actually had to google name because I forgot what they were called). Can’t really comment on t2 there is no use to build any t2 piece because black ice being so easy to make and you skip the whole t2 progress anyways!

Resources on 2x server:

Obsidian and Black ice nodes are giving way to many materials, you can get 400 per node with obsidian pick, and there is so many of them that it’s not even funny.

Star Metal is basically useless? Because the other stuff is much easier to get and is better or same.

Obsidian Tools with Advanced Tool Kit basically gives you 22-24 resource per hit.It literally takes less then minute to fill up your inventory with 1500black ice or obsidian.

Ran from start of North all the way down to South desert following river with sickle gathering aloe leaves and I finished with 5300aloe leaves, which means I probably don’t have to do that ever again which took less then 10minutes. Even if this was on 1x server this is still broken!


The new combat system is a lot of fun but really frustrating at same time because running away is so easy, I’ve tried so many different things to catch people at 20% but anything you do slows down your character and if you fail once you will never catch up to him. Getting that 4combo on someone should reward you, why can’t you just add movement penalty per 20% missing health or something like that.


Way to easy to obtain you don’t even care if you lose it anymore and that’s mostly because of stupid gathering.

Way to expensive not worth it especially with Vaults around and those stupid god shield that don’t get consumed, the only people getting raided mostly now are probably new people or people that didn’t play much and don’t know about exploration leveling and are building in t1 and t2 with no vaults.

How is orb stacking still a thing this method basically nullifies any smart building because you can burn through any t3 wall/door/foundation doesn’t matter it all burns. Raiding with jars was perfectly fine and expensive and you actually had to think how to break inside base.

Remove orb stacking and increase jar damage by 1.7x or something.

What happened to all the server options PVP-Fast and PVP-Normal, PVP Mayham why is everything 2x with raid and purge times it makes the game boring and predictable!

So I have around 1300hours in this game with very little afk about 100hours in release and 1200 early access.

And best times I had in this game was before you wiped all servers and started with PVP-Fast, PVP-Normal. Now some of you will say you are crazy man with all exploits and stuff in game(Let’s not count those in that’s just part of development I guess).

The fact is that during those times the game in my opinion had best balance it ever had you actually felt some sort of accomplishment when you made your “base, armor, weapon, whatever” there was always something you had to do gather/pvp/build etc.

Now on release I have bunch of vaults full of best gear, legendary weapons, resources with no fear of them being destroyed because of how OP vaults are right now.There is no need for me to go out there and gather anything at all because why when I have it all for next year? And with that the game is very boring for me right now and I feel like nothing is really an accomplishment in game anymore, 7of my clan mates already bailed because of this reason


I play Official PvP, so my rates have been 2x.

Strongly agree that we need a serious balance rework.

There are certain tiers that are very difficult to craft, yet worse than more easily craftable tiers. Black Ice is too easy to get. Steel Ingots drop too often from NPCs. Demon’s Blood drops too often. Volatile Glands drop too often. Basically, all the end-game stuff, and raiding stuff, needs to be harder to get.

However, I’m happy that ‘Grade A-’ gear does drop from mobs (Hardened Steel). This is a great boon for skirmish PvP. PvP is stagnant when players are too afraid to fight, because they don’t want to lose their gear. There are so many problems that stem from gear costing too much, including players’ tendency to run away when a fight it decided. Keep gear cheap, and players will fight to the death.

I agree with most of your points, except for gear being too cheap. Armor should be cheap, to enable low-intensity skirmish PvP. Same with weapons. However, raiding materials and high-tier building materials need to be about 50% more rare. Reinforced Stone is fine, but Black Ice is horribly inexpensive.


You are a perfect example of a player who joins the server with 6 buddies, runs North from the very beginning, sets up a tower base inside one the black towers, litters the ground around with reinforced pillars and starts a god bubble - everything done in 36 hours. Then your clan start running around in Silent legion, harassing every small clan or single player you see and breaking in every hut you come by.

And after another week, when there is nothing left to pillage, aside from 2 tower bases you havn’t claimed from the beginning, you come to talk about “balance” and how “easy it is to play” and “there is nothing left to do”.

All right, you are a pro-CE player, who plays very “efficiently”, we get it. What you dont’ get is in a sandbox game you are a big part of servers “balance” and adjusting your personal play style can provide the same results as FUNCOMs coding.


that’s gonna be every server eventually unless they allow cross server transfers and the game will be pretty dead in a few months tops with every server having one alpha clan/alliance that lets some noobies build up for a few days before they destroy them and that’s going to be the game because without threats from other servers that’s just whats going to happen and everyone gets bored and stops playing.

Why even bother replying? This post is not about what you just described not a single souls is talking about the things you just mentioned and yes I hate that kind of play style as well but if you don’t do it on PvP server currently you are pretty much doomed as I have seen a lot of new players join and leave because of that.

Just one example for your “Alpha clans” they go north like you said and have unlimited supplies of steel from npcs, without ever having to smelt any at all you think that’s balanced? While new player is killing hyenas down south what do you think is gonna happen to that guy in week?

The point is people have to much free time to bully people around due to how easy it’s to obtain stuff in game at the moment.

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Completely agree.

  • Put x1 on Official PVP.
  • Dramatically reduce black ice gathering.
  • Make volatile glands rare
  • Make the gathering bonus from survival +25% instead of +100%
  • Make star metal better than the rest, pointless to farm it atm.
  • Make orbs effects not stack.
  • Steel and hardened steel (and star metal !) should not drop from mobs, only iron.

Also :

  • Prevent players from building near enemy players, so they can’t put back walls you just destroyed.
  • Make characters stay unconscious in game so they can’t log off with half their base.
  • Reduce max item slots by half in player inventory
  • Put a ceiling on exploration level gains to a max of 10 levels. Journey should be how you get full XP up to 60, not exploration.
  • Make trebuchets placeable anywhere in enemy territory. That prevents lone foundation spamming to protect against trebs.
  • Nerf dragonstone weapons to make it on par with hardened steel or slightly below it. It is very easy to make, it should not be powerful.

i bet you can’t get 800-1200 hardener-steel per 1h from npc loot :smiley:

lol what?! seriously where do you get this?

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I agree for blackice, demon blood, obsidian, ashes and volatile glands.
All these mats harvesting rate should be lowered significantly, cut in half at least.

I think the mats are fine the way there are if they were lower it wouldnt affect big tribes but I’m in a tribe of two on a very active pvp server if the mats were more expensive or the orbs worked different we might as well pack our bags and stop playing the game we couldn’t defend or attack bigger tribes because of the way you would like the mats to work the game isn’t prefect but int that regard I think it’s balance in a way to help smaller tribe have a chance not sure if the rate are intended but as it works now it gives use smaller tribes a fighting chance

Don’t you love it when someone who actually got to the end-game shares your views about the actual balance issues your game has? I would be so happy if they brought back x1 hardcore servers and tweaked the balance and harvesting rates…nothing has ANY sort of value to players who actually want a challenge in Conan Exiles at the moment. All of our clan members unfortunately had to quit the game because of it, and that’s very sad because all of them actually liked the game.

If done alone, that change would only make the raiding even more hard, thus empowering the status quo end-game state of the game right now where no clans can actually hurt each others.

I would also make it so that every monster on the map would give 1 essence, and to build any building mat you’d require 1 essence. That way people wouldn’t be able to spam foundations all around the map, they’d build smaller and it would give them a good incentive to go out and farm mobs (expose themselves to PvP).

Everything i mentioned previously can be harvested in insane amounts if you go to the appropriate spot.

if some alpha clans or others are blocking these spots, it won’t change the fact that even if these rates would be decreased, you’d still get nothing or you 'd get a balanced amount of these mats if the spot is not blocked.

If i’m missing sthing tough, just tell me…PVP is not my thing :slight_smile:

Sounds like he misunderstood how the Survival 20 perk works.

You do get +100% resources per hit from nodes that you have to hit more than once, but it takes half as many hits to fully harvest it. So you get the same amount of total materials, there is no bonus. (On nodes that normally take 5 hits, you’ll see the regular amount on your 3rd hit instead of +100%, so they do keep the total the same even in cases like that.)

The Survival 30 perk is +100% resources from creatures, it doesn’t apply to everything harvested from them but it does apply to things like demon blood. (So you could get nearly 250 blood from the Undead Dragon on a x1 server or nearly 200 from the Barrow King.)

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@Shadoz some of us have been playing since EA in February of 2017.

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well I have see n people rushing the game and then whining there is no end game content at age of conan too .This post reminded me those days .

Yes game needs some fixes but still you can play the game without rushing and especially digesting the tiers instead of rushing north …

It is not a race who will be lvl 60 first … try to play the game from a diffrent perspective and you will notice some of those issues are not even issues …

As a solo who’s done it the old 1X way twice prior to POI, and who hit 60 within 14 calendar days of Launch I say 2X gather is really the sweet spot. I would simply lower the yield for important items as bice, obsidian, demon blood. Then I’d make it so supposedly-single items only ever drop once: skulls, hearts, souls.

Otherwise I think it was pretty awesome.


FWIW, setting the gather rate to 1.9x makes it so single things (like skulls) only provide one, but the ‘bulk’ resources are nearly identical to 2x.

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I’ve nothing to add other than I agree with you 100%.

In fact, I’ve gotten to the point after countless hours in EA that I don’t enjoy ‘end game’ anymore. I bounce around ‘new’ servers just getting the sense of accomplishment by leveling and building and ‘being established’ quickly (ie quicker than the competition :wink: ). Actual end-game, in fact, deletes your character, almost as if this is the play-style intended?

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There should be a theosophy section here for this sort of subject, I like the cut of your jib @Malagant. And thanks for the tip, never need to couch with FWIW that’s a great one to know, that I did not know. :smiley:

End Game is Dominate. What does that mean to Person A? Can a tribe, weak from thrall killing and poi eating, with no land claims of substance, truly hold a server when another owns every major resource from top to side? How many human thralls can they generate to keep it alive? Will they care?

I’m the same as you, love the journey, only I often take my time getting to 60. Some of what I’ve seen, under the pressure of humans who have already made it there 12 days ago, has been simply awe-inspiring. The castles of Dominance in the jungle are just incredible. I want to see how it goes, and maybe one day there’ll be a handful of kings from top to side instead.