Admin destroy others builds

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug | Misc]
Region: Unofficial NA

Admin ability to destroy other players structures is limited to building pieces… there is no way to destroy other players container/crafting station as it only gives the option to use it… Admins need more tools to run servers or ability to type commands on ps4

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


You can pull up a Avatar it’s a pain but I have done this on my server

Whats the best avatar to do this with? Theres one box l
Preventing me from building a bridge across the shattered bridge

I would say Set (snake). Faster atrack rate and easier to target where you hit than some of the stomps that other gods have.

Or maybe Yog (cannibal) for easy aoe just sit on target + Yog flies aka can access areas other have problem to get.

Please correct me if my info is outdated.

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Yog doesn’t go over some objects like it use to.
But is great for clearing lots of stuff ground level.

Derkito is…abit slow and can be hard get near if objects in way, but her breath hits high enough.

Jeeb isnt to bad. But camera is really zoomed out.

Adjust time for the maximum run.

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We’re going to send a suggestion to our team to increase admin capabilities on PS4.
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Same issue here. What did you do and how effective was it?

@Ignasi that would be much appreciated thank you.

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Pve settings do not allow for avatars to demo others stuff

How this topic needs to be produced is we got building pieces being placed inside game models , mountains, sand, water, ( Below surface ) bombs, avatars can’t reach these locations do to they are out of the range of the ability we need an option the same that ARK had when removing a structure to be able to remove said structure or all structures owned by that tribe. or an option to just go up to that structure and click destroy or destroy all and it just does what it says without impacting other structures and or player buildings.

In my opinion the admin should be able to destroy whole structures as if it was decayed. Destroying whole buildings at the same time would be much easier than destroying it wall by wall, foundation by foundation. Especially if it’s a base with lots of land claim. My clan for example has placed over 10K foundations to claim the land around the pillar we’re building on. If an admin had to destroy this it would take him really f*cking long. The admin should be able to dismantle the whole structure.

@tobi04 something like that would be a great feature. Beats wiping a server to get rid of people’s junk. Should be able to flush pets and thralls to.

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Yes. Definitely

notta prob on sp, i think online itd be the same fix to : as admin temporarily change a few settings to max building damage an wipe anything out w true name of jhebbal sag. i do this if ive placed a building part that i cant destroy cause it went underground.