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I purchased a server through G-Portal and someone caused trouble on my server but before they left they put up signs that I dont want there. Is there a way to delete these structures without turning PVP on? I was able to get rid of their base but not animal taming pens, wheel of pain or these signs. Please someone help me. I reached out on Twitter and Facebook with no response

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Hey @snake_eyes

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You can destroy other player buildings as an admin provided that you have admin access to that server.
In order to do so, go to G-Portal’s server panel, and assign an admin password in the basic settings (you need to stop your server first to alter any of those settings).
Once you’ve set your admin password, log into your server, go to settings -> Server settings, and select “Make Me Admin” under General. Type in your password and if it is correct, you should get a message saying you have admin powers now. After that, simply go to the building you want destroyed and dismantle it normally as if it was yours.

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you should work on a dismantle all button for admins. Dismantling a base with hundreds of foundations can take hours…would be really nice if it all went boom with a single button :slight_smile:


This doesnt work on pet pens and signs and other structures. It simply says that I dont own the structure. I am an admin and i sign every time. Still cant destroy these buildings. Please advise

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yeah, you can’t destroy certain structures…unfortunately i have to either lock the server and turn pvp on to destroy stuff like that or turn decay rate way down so they instantly decayed and could be demolished that way but that can cause issues if you’re not careful. This game has so much potential but admin powers and panel needs to be worked on very badly between not being able to ban ppl past the 10th player slot in the admin player list and needing to jump through loopholes to remove signs with racist or troll messages or any other structure that needs to be removed immediately, which btw i need to kick everyone off the server and lock it to make sure no one abuses pvp when i’m trying to take down structures that can’t be destroyed via admin.

Do you use G-portal? If so how do you make it so buildings can be destroyed? I am having a hard time with it. Conan would be great if the game had some of the abilities that Ark has.

sorry for the rant message but this stuff has been being screamed in forums since i started playing this game almost 8 months ago and still not fixed. I dropped my old server because of it after awhile because its such a pain in the ■■■ to regulate a really popular server with a lot of traffic due to the issues with the admin panel and powers. Started up a new one hoping this stuff had been fixed in the many updates since i had dropped my old server but apparently not…i really hope this takes priority in the next few updates.


I did the same! I just restarted a server and I am learning and growing frustrated with the lack of Admin abilities

yes i do use gportal. you need to toggle the PvP function on which should be right under where you set your server and admin passwords in the gportal settings menu and also make that you have the candamageplayerstructures setting toggled on as well, otherwise even if you have PvP on you can’t harm another players structure. I would recommend password locking the server while you are cleaning up the server this way as some players can try to be sneaky and blow the doors off of someones base and loot it while you are doing your admin duties.

i had schedule set up where everyone knew i would be locking the server every friday morning to clean a list of bases or structures left from players for various reasons that the community would always find and give me leading up to that day.

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You can toggle pvp on and building damage on in the in game settings. Bring in a Avatar for clean up. I am considering wiping my server locking it and making it invite only to reliable players. Tired of cleaning up after people. Also turning decay back on

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Another tip as well for cleaning up bases this way, as bringing in a avatar is all fine and dandy but still takes a lot of time to wipe a full tier 3 base. You will more then likely need multiple god coins even with avatar lifetime extended, however you can turn down the damage required for destroying structures during the time you are cleaning up stuff with the structure damage taken setting so you can basically one shot tier 3 bases with avatars. Simply adjust it back to its default setting one done.


Thank you for the tip

No problem. I hope some of this stuff helps as i know these exact problems frustrated me for months with little to no help on any forums. :frowning:

Hey there,

This info is also on the wiki:

I could use some help getting the console controls up-to-date, including the admin controls. Would you be willing to contribute? (Controls - Official Conan Exiles Wiki)

These controls are only pc. I am playing on a console

Which way do I switch the despawning of bases to make them disappear quicker?

I not sure but turning decay on when it was previously left off can have unwanted consequences. Learned the hard way bunch of new bases dissolved old ones stayed had to comp somet people also lost my newest base.

sorry i’m just now checking the forums again and seeing your question. You have to decrease the number value to make it decay faster. i believe default time is set to 360 hours so just decrease that to what you want and i believe the issue with bases decaying after turning it on for the first time on an old save has been fixed, however not 100% sure on that one as i always have decay turned on from the get go.

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