Demolish Buildings

I have a server where there are always new people on it. and ruins then stand there at the end. As well as the temples and remains, unfortunately you can not tear them away as admin. Can you bring in a possible patch where it is possible as an admin.

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Declare you as an Admin (Type in your Password). Go or fly to the building you want to tear down. Aim at the building tile with the white mark And then Shift+delete - oh you’re on PlayStation :innocent: What’s this Command on the PlayStation Controller :thinking: Does anybody know?

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After he has logged in as Admin, on Playstation just point the cursor at the thing that you want to demolish, hold the square button, and click on the demolish option that will appear.

There is another thread where this discussion is going on as well with some helpful answers from me and a few others here. Admin destroy unwanted structures

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This info is also on the wiki:

@Orthodoxa I would love to get the console controls up-to-date, including the admin controls. Would you be willing to help? (Controls - Official Conan Exiles Wiki)

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