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Hello I’m new and i wanted to introduce myself self to the Conan Exiles players. But the page is very difficult and not user friendly to use. I just purchased the complete game. It’s a very good game money well spent. How do I put up a topic to the community for help? But since I’m going to get a reply. How do I dismantle a wall or a foundation on Xbox one? Thank you for your time.

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See under Building:
Note that map and admin panel controls are listed on their respective pages (links are included in the appropriate sections.)

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Hello there @Tohono_Oodham_Man and welcome to the community! Its always nice to see new faces playing the game, and here on the forum. To request help, your best bet is to simply create a new topic in the ‘players helping players’ menu. Failing that, just in ‘general discussion’ here. Now to demolish an existing wall piece or item, simply stand close to the desired piece, resting the dot on it, then press and hold the Interact button (while its □ on ps4, Im sorry buddy but Im not sure which one it is on Xbox1). This will bring up 2 option a cross icon to the right saying ‘cancel’, and a hatchet/smash icon to the left saying ‘demolish’. You want demolish.

Conan Exiles can have a wee bit of a steep learning curve for new players, but is extremely fun and rewarding once you get going. I quite like assisting new players. Should you have any further gameplay or other questions as you go, please do not hesitate to ask, and myself or Im sure someone else in the community will help you out.

Tohono_Oodham_Man, welcome to the Exiled Lands friend.


Thank you Croms_Faithful for your very positive feedback. And I will ask if I have any questions.

Thank you TheLOLxd2 for the good information.

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Not universally supported :wink:

While looking if the information is complete I noticed this is the only entry where PS4 and Xbox explanations are still reversed. I’ll put ps4 first and xbox second for this one too :slight_smile:


Thank you. But nothing is working for Xbox one. With hatchet or pick it doesn’t show nothing to demolis.

try your bare hand.

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Thank you that is very helpful and it works awesome

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Glad it worked, if you have any other questions just ask friend.

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Will do thanks

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You’re welcome.

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