Admin log see what other admins are doing


Is there a way for one admin to see what other admins are doing?

Yes, my friend. Let me introduce you to an acquaintance, Mercurio, an expert tracker. He will meet you beyond the walls at midnight. Speak this phrase and he will appear: “A lamb awaits slaughter.” He will lead you to a place where you can discuss further.

EDIT: Koros has the solution!


Haha i was like wow this is really odd tool but good to know. I dont think anything is up but its nice to keep people honest Thanks for the answer!

I’m not aware of anything in the game, but if you have access to the log files in:


You should see some .log files with names containing something to the effect of ServerCommandLog. Those log files contain a history of server commands and who used 'em.

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Yea i check the logs (what a mess they are) but there is nothing i can find that says admin doing anything just steam log in’s and stuff not populating mostly some other things i have no idea what they are.

I think you’re looking at the wrong log files. ServerCommandLog.log shouldn’t contain anything except a history of server/admin commands. For example:

[2018.03.22-10.38.05:805][611]Player koros used command: Cloak (player is admin)
[2018.03.22-10.38.13:058][485]Player koros entered movement mode Flying (player is admin)
[2018.03.22-10.38.13:063][485]Player koros used command: Ghost (player is admin)
[2018.03.22-10.38.17:071][967]Player koros used command: Walk (player is admin)
[2018.03.22-10.38.33:496][925]Player koros used command: DayNightCycle "Time of Day" 12 (player is admin)
[2018.03.22-10.38.35:381][155]Player koros used command: SpawnItem 11001 1 (player is admin)
[2018.03.22-10.38.35:597][181]Player koros used command: SpawnItem 11001 1 (player is admin)
[2018.03.22-10.38.45:586][382]Player koros used command: SpawnItem 52629 1 (player is admin)
[2018.03.22-10.38.50:717][  0]Player koros used command: SpawnItem 52630 1 (player is admin)

OMG than you Koros!!!

Koros how do i find the ServerCommandLog.log?

You should see it in:

…[Conan Server Folder]\ConanSandBox\Saved\Logs\

I am using G portal as my server provider will it still be on my local PC?

No, it’s a log file output by the server, so it will be on the G Portal server. If they don’t have any options for viewing the log files via their control panel, you’ll probably have to connect to the server via FTP and download the file(s) (if they allow that).

Ok thanks Koros.

Ya, lets catch those cheating admins!!!

Never said admins are cheating just trying to make sure. It is really hard to tell if they are Just trying to make sure that as the owner of the server I can keep track.

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