Admin Panel Map shortcut

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [east us]

[Everytime I go to the admin panel and go to spawn max amount map pops up

Steps on how to reproduce issue: admin panel
2.fina any item
3.hold L2 for max stack
4.welcome to the map 79% of the time

I don’t have a ps4 controller with me. How ever I know one of the shoulder buttons will scroll out of admin panel to map and the other settings. Did that a few times last weekend. Seems new not in admin panel often though

Hey @watmedo

When you open the admin panel please make sure to not have any other menus lingering in the background, for instance inventory or feats.
To open the admin panel “cleanly”, make sure to be out of any menu or inventory screen, then press Options and select Admin Panel. The effect you describe above will then not happen anymore.
Our team is aware of the player menus interference with the admin panel if both opened at the same time, and they’ll look into it in.
Thanks for your feedback.


@Ignasi I am pretty sure that is what I did. Thanks

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Yeah, i noticed that a while back. If i have an open menu OR my cursor has a quick biew “hovering” menu from something like a chest, it effects the admin panel when i open it.

@WhatMightHaveBeen I have noticed that if someone is dancing around or running around me it will kick me out of admin. That is when I ask if they have placed a bedroll. :sunglasses:

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yeah that too. if someone gets in aggro range, for some reason it pulls you out of admin.

And I try to kill them because they were warned

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