Aesir build set issues

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay

The Aesir set almost works now, but not quite. I’m still to test it throughout, but for what i’ve seen so far the curved fortified wall still can’t be placed unless it contacts the terrain and this makes building symmetrical walls a challenge. They are mostly useless.

Another thing is the sloped roof corner. When i was replacing T1 roofs i noticed that the piece is facing the wrong way and can’t be rotated so the original piece has to be removed first in order to pace the Aesir one.

And the biggest issue that you STILL haven’t fixed! When you replace ceilings with Aesir ones, everything that’s placed on top of them gets returned to inventory. This means that when i’m going to upgrade or replace the ceiling pieces with Aesir, i have to build everything again in every different floor of the base. First i’ll have to remove every single placeable decoration item from the tables and such so they don’t get demolished. Then after the upgrade i have to rebuild every work station, table, chest, cupboard and so on. And the way i like to decorate my bases it’s VERY frustrating. So maybe try to do something about it? Perhaps?

And on a site note, if something is placed on another placeable and the one beneath is removed the stuff on it gets demolished completely without a trace. I seem to have had a cupboard partly on a mulch piece and when i removed the mulch the cupboard vanished with everything inside it. No lootbag, nothing in inventory.

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ty, almost bought it but not now

Saw already photos of the roof issue on reddit. Not buying. Thanks for the warning.

Woo! thank you for taking one for the team! (And sorry for your frustrations.)

Considering how likely they are to go back and fix these build sets I’m not gonna buy it either

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