Aesir build set problems

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay

Bug Description:

The build set has a few issues. First of all the curved ceiling pieces won’t snap on to outer side of walls, this is a huge nuisance when building.

The fortified curved wall can’t be placed unless it is in contact with the terrain which makes symmetrical building very difficult, can be used basically only on flat ground. Even a small difference in terrain height might screw up the wall placement.

And one of the biggest issues is the fact that when replacing ceiling pieces with the Aesir ones, every placeable on top of them gets returned to inventory. All of the works stations, benches, furnaces, decorations, everything. So you basically have to build the interior all over again and as you can imagine it’s fairly frustrating.

When will you be fixing these issues that have been a problem since the release of the Aesir set? We pay you way too much for these incomplete sets so i for one expect them to work properly.

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I am not buying any mix match halfway working building kits

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