Aesir stronghold set

Don’t you think you are exaggerating?

Today you sell the apparently complete set for 1540 crom coins, a good price.

Finally those who previously bought the incomplete set for 1000 crom coins can complete their set.
ma… but something is wrong! it smells like a scam!
Today, adding the missing parts costs 840 crom coins

So to those players who trusted you with the first half set by feeding you, your families, allowing you to fill the tank of your Ferrari and your yacht, are they getting it in the neck?

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Bundles are usually cheaper than the sum of the price charged for the individual parts.

This one does agree that adding the bundle post facto, like they did here (and previously with the sandstone expansion sets) is not a good look. Which is a thing that has previously been discussed with the sandstone expansions…
But then again…

Fool me once,
Shame on you.
Fool me twice,
Shame on me.

Between this and the ban-o-rama, this one doesn’t understand why Funcom dislikes it’s paying customers so much…


Your reasoning fits, but the previous sale was not ‘a single piece’ but a bundle proper.

Nowadays they resell at a decidedly throwaway price and frankly I feel cheated

Point taken.
Was it ever listed with the slashed thru price?
This one honestly does not recall.

Also, this one honestly wouldn’t care if the set didn’t have several pieces this one very much likes.
It’s a good expansion. Especially with the first ever roof piece that forms a transition from slipped to roof top horizontally.

They mention these things take lots of resources to make, this one wonders if they planned the full Aesir set from the beginning, or if the initial part sold well and that cause the further development…?

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