Bazaar prices getting even more ridiculous

$17.56 for one armor set, follower reskin, barrier, banner and hammer…is Funcom insane? All the feedback I’ve seen on the Bazaar overpricing, and instead of dialing it back they push it to 11.

Come on, Funcom. You have a great game here, but stop trying to finance all your lesser games with this one.


Couldn’t agree more. They appear to have doubled down on the price gouging. Take the pyramid building set for example, which is 1,200cc in my country. By comparison, almost every other building set, such as the stormglass set, the sandstone set, and so forth have been 1,000cc. Way to hike your prices by 20% Funcom.


Gentlemen here is the real question if you purchase it will it even work not about to purchase anything that isn’t been shown to work. 10 cc 1000cc if it doesn’t work it’s shitt @Croms_Faithful @Wolfkyn


The clan emblem doesn’t display on the Aesir Chieftain set. Was a tad miffed about that. I purchased it.


Not to mention, there is no discount on item sets if you already own some items from that particular set.
You still have to pay the full price, what means essentially you would have to pay for that stuff more than once! :joy:
They just lost their fu**ing minds man🤯


The prices do change if you own a particular item in a set.


For some reason I remembered an episode from the “Mythic Quest” series, where a pensioner bought some super-duper sword for $750,000. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Pretty glad stormglass is back since me and others waited months for it!
For the chieftain coat: Is it possible to have it blank? I mean with no clansymbol on it?

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Apparently it is blank and it’s upset quite a few people.

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Even if everything worked, the prices would often seem high to this one.

But when we consider how often items are released with bug infestation…



Its essentially disrespectful to their customers.


This is not true, or at least hasn’t been in the past. So far, the Bazaar has always calculated the price based on the items I don’t own yet if I’ve purchased a set from which I already own some items.


just ignore it, nothing vital for the game anyway
i can only justify 1 thing - full epic detailed and OP building set for 1000-1200 CC.
Pyramid is good but it lack wedges and other vital parts so it should be 700-800CC max.
Every other option at bazaar is ridiculous. I got Argos for 3-4 usd on sale (full building set + decorations + 3 armor sets + furniture + 7 weapons + misc).
I cant admire anything after that from the bazaar. Just cant. Money not the issue here - logic is.

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I’m just gonna wait for the bear to cycle through, but somehow still have to pay $20. :roll_eyes:

I agree… we’re likely a folk in the minority, but the symbols mostly look cheesy and having them on items doesn’t suit the item. Banners? Sure. But on a cape? No thanks.


Marketing rats from a sinking ship (Conan Exiles?) scurrying away to set sail on the “shiny” new Dune ship readying to leave port. Have to get your spending cash to enjoy the festivities as you wait for the new influx of new game proceeds to roll in .

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Almost spilled my drink when I saw the price of the new main set :laughing:
And again we get items with the new clan emblem feature that doesn’t work on displayed shields.

Funcom is entertaining as always.

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War Torn Ruins still don’t fully work. But I’m tired of asking them to address it.

Big discount since I already had 2 of the 3 spears.

If you aren’t getting that, I’d contact Funcom directly.


This one thinks the set was 340 with one spear type already acquired.
Will confirm later.

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