Let's talk about Pricing and the Bazaar (We knew this conversation was going to happen)

As expected, the bazaar is massively inflated price wise compared to any of the DLC’s, our first example is this - The Sorcery Starter set, a series of 6 decorational items for a minimum price of $20 worth of crom coins as it isn’t an option to buy enough to purchase it off of a single transaction.

And for the second part, an atypical pricing scheme for microtransactions, particularly in gacha games - Deliberately set the amount of coins you can buy per transaction to be less than any “large” set of digital items in a game.

This isn’t a good look considering the last major DLC, The People of the Dragon DLC was ~$10 and was for a full build set, armor set, horse saddle, and decorations.


I should also mention the legality of putting things for sale off the get-go especially in the EU, primarily that it is directly against the laws set in the Omnibus Directive of the EU for an item to start out immediately “On sale” / “at a discount” which is an understandable mistake for Tencent to make, not for funcom to make as they are primarily EU based for development.

The case in particular is as follows -

From A ruling of the German Supreme Court (BGH) in 2008 over a similar case. Home improvement supply retailer “Praktiker” ran a campaign with “20% on everything!” as a slogan, and was found to have raised the prices of some items shortly before the start of the campaign.

The German Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof) found Praktiker guilty of unlawful and misleading business practices because the “original” price was only active for a week before the start of the campaign. The court deemed this too short a time to consider the original price the real price, and the campaign had to be changed.

Also § 5 par. 4 UWG states:
"It is believed that it is misleading to advertise the reduction of a price when the price has only been claimed for an inappropriately short period of time. If there is a dispute as to whether and in what period of time the price was requested, the burden of proof falls on the person who advertised the price reduction. "

This law was also applied to Fallout 76’s microtransaction shop and forced them to remove their discounting to be back in line with EU consumer protection laws as they also published things to their cash shop “On sale” before they had ever been listed.


well… here we go again
some post from the past…
how naïve i was…

___Other issue is bazar prices, i hope its just placeholders for now, 10 usd for set of tables, when we got full themed DLcs (hundreds of items) for 5-6 usd on sale…

I get it, you can ignore all cosmetic stuff and not buy it, but a comparison with old DLcs constantly comes to mind, we need more reasonable prices, thats all___


I have zero qualms with reasonable priced micro-transactions. These are not that…


Yeahno… Crom can keep his money :smiley:


Especially since the shafted Xbox players by shutting them out for at least 24 hours because they couldn’t follow the regulations for Crom Coins.

I knew this was going to happen. Warned it was going to happen. Now here it has happened. After work today I’ll log in and add up what the rough price equivalency is between an old DLC and the same amount of items in the Bazaar + Battlepass. Back after some livestream sneak peaks I had guessed it would be about $70 for a $10 DLC amount of content. I fear that is far too low of an estimate. I guess I’ll see later today.


Please do, it’s impressively bad. There is also a more than small chance their system runs foul of EU law.

The prices are exorbitant, but that’s to be expected from FC… Disappointing


Whoa…that’s…very discouraging.

Trying to use my nice words here but yeah.

I’m getting the battlepass, but the rest…not until the value makes a tad more sense (and this is coming from the guy who bought 5 copies of the game with ALL the dlc’s for his household).


Given Funcom’s prior history with item shops in their MMOs, the values will never make more sense. They will stay ridiculously inflated forever. Even the “Sale” prices will be ridiculously higher than they should be.

Only whales will be buying much from the Bazaar.


OK lets talk

And what? You will never buy anything else? It’s a conversion to a in store currency no different than buying a gift card for Amazon.

Considering the is the initial launch of the store, what was the original price and did FC raise it to nullify the sale discount?

I don’t believe the EU laws prevent a grand opening sale. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t live in the EU but if they micro manage business to that level…there is plenty of space here across the Atlantic for these businesses to come and headquarter in.


Funcom does not have a good history of price adjusting for regional currencies.


These prices are absurd, Funcom. Sorry, I really hope you’ll go back to the drawing table with this. I will not spend any money, even for items I actually wanted, if this is the pricing structure you’re going with.


As long as this is not FOMO and COSMETIC only im totally fine with it.
Its not like You have to buy them all just now.

Not to mention that devs will get more funds for developing game.
Im that guy that stands against predatory monetization but complaining about COSMETIC items like that is pointless. Im really glad they didn’t put any crazy stuff that will affect gameplay.


You may wish to look at the timers on the items for both the battle pass & the bazaar. Rotating inventories rely off of a FOMO model and an illusion of scarcity to encourage purchases.

There is giving developers additional money for content that adds to the game in a significant fashion and there is turning what had, until recently, been a build set & cosmetic set for ~$10 into a minimum $70 macro-transaction purchase from a combination of bazaar & battle pass to get roughly the same number of decorational items.


Yeah. Well, so much for my attempt last week to try and give them the benefit of the doubt that the prices accidentally got doubled due to a bug from what they were when they had their little closed group testing 3.0 before it went on testlive. I was originally planning on getting the battle pass but now not even that.

These prices are unacceptable and now, Funcom, you’re actively driving away paying customers.

EDIT: and for a little clarity - I bought all the cultural dlc’s as they were released (except yamatai because Funcom gave me a key from a building contest). I bought Siptah. I was even entertaining the thought of constantly buying BPs rather than just using the crom coins from it to refresh it.

No more. I’ve given you enough over the years Funcom among a bunch of your games. No more.


I did some research and FOMO are only seasonal items, timers for bazaar items are only for discounts or they will rotate weekly for example (so they will come back after few weeks for example)

All DLC content in the past has been “Cosmetic” only. Reskins of stuff. That’s great that none of that stuff provides additional power to those who buy more.

The problem is people have been accustomed to getting a certain value of items for $10. Now you have to spend orders of magnitude more money for the same amount of content. When you change the price point by such a large margin, even if it is just “Cosmetic” stuff, that is predatory.

This system also uses FOMO, both with the Battle Pass as well as in the Bazaar with items on a timer. Sure, Funcom claims they will come back eventually. But you have no idea when that may be. If you really want to buy that ridiculously inflated item but missed the previous buy window, you have to log in at least daily to constantly be checking the store hoping it comes back on sale. That could be weeks or months. The system is designed to make you afraid you will never see it again for sale so you better forget about the price and buy now.


For a game that still is purchased, I would say that these are higher than expected. It would be more understandable if they made the game F2P.