After latest patch with bows and katana

Attack no longer works. No light attack no heavy attack swords and bows do not work.

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Hey Darbbo,

Could you be more specific with your issue? When do those attacks do not work? Are you using any weapon in particular? Is it offline or online, PVE or PVP?
I am also moving this thread to the PC Patches and Bugs subforum.

Thank you in advance!


I have the same problem on official server 1019 (had the problem yesterday, not tested today). Npcs did not take any damage. And harvesting did not work.

Edit: tried today after server restart. Attacking is working again.

Single player game. Could not attack with any weapon or bow. The char just stands there with no attack animations.

Just went back into my single player game and the weapons are working again but the bow reticle and where the arrow actually hits when power shooting is off. Arrow hits to right of reticle.

Hey again,

Just to single out the problem, do you have any mods installed?


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