[PC] Bows Not Firing After Update

So bows are apparently super buggy after this update… No matter the bow or ammo type I use, after I fire a single shot, no more subsequent shots get fired from my bow. The animation and sound plays but no arrow comes out. If I unequip and reequip the bow, it will fire one shot and stop again each time.

It’s not lag. I have ammo. I don’t know what the problem is but it has virtually rendered bows useless until this is fixed which makes me super sad because this combat update has been wonderful so far. Hope to see a fix soon. :c


I am also having this issue, though only when connected to a server. I do not experience it when I am the host or in single player.

Sometimes swapping to a different bow fixes it for a few shots but it will eventually go back to working as OP described. I had this issue before the combat revamp patch, I really hoped that the revamp would fix i. This relegates me to playing melee only when playing in a friend’s co-op game or on a server that is not my own.

I have seen other posts about this in the past.

Hopefully Funcom takes notice, thanks guys!

I remember this being a thing in the Frozen North patch. Back then you had to remove your bracelet and respawn - it got back to normal for a couple of days.

Still having this issue to date. Hope there is a mod/hotfix for this because the bows are really cool, but as of right now completely useless.