Arrows not working

Is anyone else having issues with mainly poison/explosive arrows not firing from bows its like there glitched i have to swap to a different stack sometimes just to get them to work

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It’s all arrows. Doesn’t happen a lot, but happens enough. The server I play on had been a little leggy so I don’t know if it’s that or the bows. But I’m blaming the bows. I also noticed it seems to happen the faster I try to fire arrows, which is why I thought it might just be lag at first. But it’s happening enough that I think it’s bugged.

My Wife is having that same problem, no explosive, light or healing arrows seend to shot

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The same thing happens to me with the explosive arrows when I launch they don’t explode, with the Osidian arrows I manage to make them hit

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I got a littoe turn around of the Bug, it ocours always whrn you know the specialist arrows recipe, it bugs the usage of the arrows… or you make the bunch of special arrows, then respec the knoledge points, or some one else have to make then for the you use as archer

Its an old bug, unequip the bow, then re-equip it and reload the arrows. Seems a lot of old bugs popped back up with this update.

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