Bug : Healing arrows

I there,

It seems healing arrows are not working since 3.0
When equiped they do not get thrown so no healing cloud and they do not get deducted from you total.

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Do you have any additional information to provide because I have been able to use healing arrows without any trouble at all. Are you on an official server, solo/offline, private modded server? Any other information you can think of that might help?

On private non modded server.
Using a hyrkanien bow so pretty low lvl, agility perk maxed. I get the animation of the flying arrow but nothing goes :confused:

It could be a mod causing the issue, though I have no idea which one. I have used them on a server that runs only pippi and on that server they work just fine.

@Oduda He/She said non modded server :wink:

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… thank you for pointing that out. I completely missread that. >.>

edit: That’s what happens when you still need to wake up lol

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It also shows how dedicated you are to the cause, trying to help fellow exiles BEFORE you had your coffee xD

Officiel server.
I have the same problem with other types of arrows.

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