Arrows not working


I can’t use the following arrows: exploding, poison, acid, healing, and smoke arrows. I see other players using them without issues. I can add them from radial menu to my bow but I can not shoot them out. Arrow Quantity stay the same after I try to shoot them.
Ironhead, steel, dragonbone arrows are fine. Just the bubble glass ones dead!

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Load the arrows from your inventory they work from there. @Namecian

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Not sure if this happening on all platforms or just ps4

This seems to happen on all platforms. It’s a bug with certain arrows and incredibly annoying. There’s a bug report here, but others as well if you look through the forums.

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Yeah a gave up on arrows on wheel years ago if I feel like we need 2 different types we equip multiple bow,s not the greatest fix but works. @heaven13

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