After the update of chapter 4, most of my items stuck in the chest, vault and freezer

After the update of chapter 4, most of my items are stuck in the chest, vault, and freezer.
I can’t move them or equip them
official server PVP 6448 in Asia, My funcomID: Hellscream#69486

Greetings @wangjievibeke and welcome back to the forums!

Thank you for taking the time to report this to us, would you kindly provide us with a short video of this? Also, does the same thing happen if you try to change the sorting?

It seems that if click “no sorting”, the problem will be solved.

after the update the companions can not be put in defense and do not attack, if I have tools in my inventory as a pickaxe or axe or sickle, I can not assign it to my menu to use them, I assign it and it is put and disappears. If I throw something for example a spoiled food instead of throwing that I throw anything but not what I want to get rid of, and several other things.

I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and it does not compose anything.

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