Age Of Exiles - RP-PVP 18+ (New Server)


Age Of Exiles

Age of Exiles is a new RP-PVP server, where the main focus is the story and narrative… We also want your decisions to matter, define and shape your character of choice. We want players to feel fully immersed in the exiled lands, in their character’s shoes making life and death decisions. Shall I fight or run? Shall I yield and throw myself on the mercy of my pursuer? I could become a slave? or my story might end here? We want players to write their own stories together, roleplay their characters and decide their own fate in the world, but Overall and main focus is to have fun and tell a story together with the personalities we create and love.

Our Community

Every great story requires challenges to overcome, conflicts to resolve, dangers to navigate, setbacks to recover from, and victories to celebrate. Examine every great story and you will see that events don’t always go the Hero’s way. And in fact, it is the setback, challenges, and dangers that allow the Hero to rise to that next level of greatness. Translating that concept to an online game server demands a level of TRUST. You will encounter other players who will be your friends, lovers, rivals, or enemies. And in encountering them, things may not always go your way. Yet such diversions from what you expect or setback of your plans can provide the stuff of the greatest stories.
Regardless of your character’s role, plans, or schemes, always remember that you are part of a greater community of players with a shared interest in fun and creative storytelling. We encourage our players to trust and work together, even as enemies, to develop plot threads and conflict resolution that provides the most fun and interesting story developments. Due to the levels of danger we wish to maintain as part of the grittiness that is the Conan Universe, one of the outcomes of conflict resolution could certainly be Permadeath.
The concept of Permadeath in PVP has been a much-debated topic in the Conan Exiles roleplay community. Though not a guaranteed outcome, the possibility of Permadeath provides the maximum level of consequence to combat and roleplay that makes a character’s actions significant and meaningful – and therefore satisfying. It can be emotionally jolting to lose a character you’ve invested in through Permadeath and yet without the threat of it, your character might not have evolved to the level satisfaction that you’ve experienced to this point. If an end comes, make it a satisfying one. And know that as part of our Community, you’ll have an opportunity to tell new stories with a leg up in new character levels given for the time you have invested with us.
We highly encourage all players, new and seasoned, to familiarize themselves with the community at large, rather than stick with a particular group. To that end, our ruleset is designed to inspire players to seek out others in order to roleplay. Our wish is to provide a safe place for players to explore their creative ideas in an adult and gritty setting. Due to this you must be 18 years older in real life to join our Community due to the mature nature of our content.

If your interested and would like to apply to be part of our community, pop onto the Age Of Exiles web site here: ageofexiles.enjin .com/ have a read though our rule set, if you agree and are content with following the rules, submit an application form! we’ll try to get back to you ASAP but wait 24 hours before bringing it up to an admin on enjin (PS: I’m sorry I cant actually put a direct link to the web site in the post so your have to piece it together and yes, it’s because Funcom wont let me… :stuck_out_tongue: )

ageofexiles.enjin .com/ (Fill in the blanks)