Exiles of Destiny ~ 18+ RP/ERP/PVP (PC)

Hello there! We would like to invite you to join us as Exiles of Destiny. Our community started as a group of friends from across the globe that enjoyed playing with each other and, as our following grew we set out to establish a server. Our Admin team is no stranger to the trials of running a great and inclusive community for all to enjoy and work very hard to maintain peace within the community and work hard to create events that appeal to the many types of players.

Our server is a 5x harvesting server with elevated EXP modifiers, and we have mods that are listed below. Our current maximum capacity is 40, but as we grow, that can increase as we own the rig that is hosting it.

All members of Exiles of Destiny need to be above the age of 18, as Conan Exiles is set in a very hostile and malicious world, themes of violence and other adult themes may surface from interacting with other players. PVP is allowed on the server, but must be RP’d based as this is an RP server. PVP is something that is covered in our rules for the server, which will need to be accepted to play here.

As our community is fully inclusive to anyone who wishes to positively add to our server, we have a ZERO tolerance for any form of discrimination towards anyone based on sexual orientation, nationality, or any other form of negativity that may come up.

The server has an Admin ran hub, which is the starting point for anyone joining our server. It has a multitude of vendors and NPCs that are there to provide various services, from buying goods to running various made dungeons from the Admins, events at the arena, player faction set vendors, and a multifaceted set of other stories that can be found for those of you that seek adventure. Another perk of Exiles of Destiny is that we offer a max level of 300.

Our Discord can be found here: https:// discord.gg/4EDaXCS

The mods on the server are as follows and are subject to change as they improve.

Pippi-User & Server Management- v3.0.5
Thrall War Dungeon Mod
Exile Lands Improved
Exiles Extreme- 1.4.68
Improved Quality of Life
Less Building Placement Restrictions -v7.0.8
Conan Sexiles 3.2.0
Dudes Delightful Decorations
Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh- v2.2.5
Roleplay 1.8.1
Fashionist v3.2.0(1.0 and DLC Compatible)
Unlock plus(With pickup) v1.4.0 (1.0 Compatible)
RP Aesthetics(RA)
Stoja’s Warpaints
Shadows of Skelos- Extended

We are still looking for members to join our community! If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to join our Discord and ask. Thank you for taking the time to read.

Looking for a place to call home in these Exiled Lands? We would love for you to join us.

Hello darlings, we are still looking for more members to join our community. We will be starting on server wide chapter events and arena events soon. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!! Hope to see you in our little corner of the Conan-verse.

Looking for something to do? Come hang out with us in our little corner of the Conan-verse.