Age of Recklessness RP/PVP Server

Age of Recklnessess RP/PvP Server
Region: North America
Slots: 24
PVP Enabled
Harvest Multiplier: 3
XP Multiplier: 3
No Avatars
Backpack drops on death, all equipped items stay

Server Info:

Age of Recklessness
Direct connect:
Password: Reckless

Mod info:
PRN_NPC Equipment Loot
Thrall Wars
Conan Exiles
Immersive Server mod
RP Asthetics
Speech Bubbles
Age of Calamitous
Less Building Replacement Restrictions

Age of Recklessness is an AoC modified server, focusing on faction conflict with PvP elements.
The current setting does not allow for warps, or hubs. But these can be created by players.
Being a fresh server, we are awaiting the interest of our potential playerbase before we begin adding structures.
What you do in the game will have effects on how the map is shaped.
While vanilla Conan lore is still available for human class characters, we also allow other races. Please see our rules.

Age of Recklessness Ruleset

Age of Recklessness is a RP server for people 18 years of age or older. This server is paid and hosted by the Reckless Ascension clan, and as such is moderated at their sole discretion. While there are still humanoid races from the vanilla Conan setting, we are primarily focusing on a fantasy mod called Age of Calamitous. We focus on RP conflict adding PvP and raid elements to enhance roleplay between factions. Below you’ll find our community rules, which are to be guidelines to keep gameplay fair, enhance immersion, and create an atmosphere for the vision we are working towards.

General Rules

  • No foundation spamming, blocking access to caves
  • No meta gaming, god mode
  • No coordinating out of character for ongoing or active RP scenes
  • All characters must be 18 years of age or older (adult age in cases of demi/non-humans)
  • Names should be RP friendly
  • No inappropriate behavior (Griefing, harassing, cheating, exploiting, and so on)
  • Issues requiring mediation should be brought to the admin team, with all appropriate information and any applicable screenshots.
  • The admin team are the final mediators on any disputes and their rulings are final
  • Discord chat is not to be used to air disputes, grievances, or complaints. These comments are considered inflammatory and will be deleted.
  • Players may not join clans with members of another faction that is at war or in bad standing i.e. elven covenant and Vanghoul may not join a clan together. Factionless people may join any clan, but if they do join a faction the above rules still apply.
  • Global chat is considered out of character and may not be used as in character knowledge (see meta gaming).
  • RP is done on a consensual basis, and a consent sheet should be filled out. Should one not be filled out then it is assumed the player consents.
  • If you are opting out of certain types of play, you must specify what type. Unless this is changed on the consent sheet, you are considered opted out for RP purposes.
  • Situations and RP are of mature content, and if one or more players wish they can opt for a “fade to black” in lieu of RP that may not interest them
  • Players may not opt out of all forms of RP and may not opt out of PvP. This is a conflict RP server. Players who do not want to RP or PvP should find servers that are better suited to their own playstyles.

Building Rules

Buildings are restricted in size to prevent server lag, and database integrity, and keeping available land open for players.

Solo players are allowed a single 10x10 plot no higher than 6 stories to build on.

Clans are allowed a 40X40 lot no higher than 8 stories to build on.

Both solo players and clans may have an animal pen but feeding pots for thralls/pets are not allowed. Hunger ahs been disabled so they are not necessary.

Buildings are required to be appropriate for RP. So, no raid boxes or huge rectangular buildings that are honeycombed or airlocked.

Builds are encouraged to be immersive. Remember, we are looking for an immersive, common sense environment and will limit sprawling and excessive builds.

Clans are allowed a single outpost and a location for a single wheel of pain (or faction equivalent)

Solo players are also allowed a single wheel of pain (or faction equivalent)

A sign must be placed somewhere on the build, showing that their site is active. Any site showing a date older than 2 weeks will be deleted unless the owner notifies a member of the admin team, in which case it will be considered protected.

RP and PvP Rules

RP and PvP are core parts of the server’s vision. This server is intended to be a roleplay conflict server, so these may not be opted out of.

All characters must have lore-appropriate names

No gamertags/screennames (Ex: L33t5niper)

Do not name your character after a major Conan character, or a character from another franchise/universe (ex: Conan/Luke Skywalker)

All characters must be 18+ years of age.

Just like our players, our characters must be the same. For all intents and purposes, nobody under the age of 18 is present in the Exiled Lands.

No Meta Gaming

No God-Modding


Player deaths follow a “3-strike rule”

Death 1: The victim is lightly wounded, awaking some time later. The character can still partake in RP, but cannot initiate PvP until the following day.

Death 2: The victim is mortally wounded, awaking the next day.

Death 3: The victim is killed/scarred/disfigured

Death counters can be “reset” if the proper time has elapsed, and in case of the third death the player may opt for a permanent scar (such as a missing eye or appendage). But these conditions need to be discussed between the parties, disputes should be resolved via the admin team and not in general discord chat.

Not every literal “death” needs to be counted as such. It is up to the two players caught up in conflict to come up with terms of their conflict. (Ex: John and Bob get into a PvP tussle. They agree that even though in-game they will fight until one of them dies (to signify a winner), it will ICly not count as a death, but rather a knock-out or a tap-out.)

If you play a generally antagonistic character, please expect to be killed, and possibly perma’d.


If your character is Perma’d, you will have to recreate your character. Your levels will be refunded to you, but nothing else.

RP chat tips/rules

Always try to RP first, if someone approaches you and you can’t RP at the moment, just say IC that you’re busy. example: “Sorry stranger I must continue my work.” just something IC first before you resort to OOC chat.

Make sure you use parentheses “( )” when speaking OOC in local chat and usually players use quotation marks -"- for IC.

Don’t use OOC slang, references, words, emotes etc while IC.

Every player needs to accept that PvP MIGHT happen. This server prioritizes RP over PvP, but we accept that PvP is is a storytelling tool.

PvP Intent must be claimed In-Character before PvP. This should be done with clear and indiciative actions or using the /me command to keep immersion.

If the receiving player moves, fails to respond with the proper tags (below), or draws their weapon,

PvP Consequences are to be consensually determined between parties. If there is disagreement, then the victor is the default person to determine the consequence.

You CAN swap weapons during PvP.

You CANNOT swap armor during PvP.

After suffering a defeat, you may NOT respawn and return to the battle. If your character is killed/KO’d/wounded, or otherwise removed from a battle, they may not return to that scene.

No Kill-On-Sight (KOS)

It is expected that all players RP before attacking other players, even if the very first post expresses PvP intent.

There are two exceptions to this rule:

If there is an ongoing battle between players and another approaches, they are free to be attacked, as it is not reasonable for those engaged in combat to cease and RP with the newly approached player.

If a player is caught trespassing

Trespassing is defined as when a player is within a WALLED IN or CLOSED OFF area. If the gate is open, then it is not trespass. If they climb over the wall, then it is trespass.

If a player is UNJUSTLY KOS’d, they do NOT have to suffer death penalties.


Combat thralls are an act of PvP and are subject to be killed by players.

Spotting a player killing your thralls invokes the “Trespassing” rule, and you are free to kill that player


Offline Raiding is Zero-Tolerance and will result in an immediate ban.

Limit Damage

If you are to raid someone’s base and keep it objective based. Get in, destroy what you need to, and get out. Do not be a dick and destroy all their stuff. Do not level their base.

You CANNOT bracelet out or /home during a raid.

If this occurs, your character is subject to receiving a death penalty.

You CANNOT build during a raid.

There are optional systems, and rules that the admin team will put into place as the server grows and they will be heavily dependent on the in-character choices of the players. It is our goal to provide a unique and immersive RP experience.