Age of War 4 update is crap so far

What in the heck did they do this game?!?! Half of the stuff isn’t working and I just lost my best thrall just by using the Map room to jump on the map. I lost my Chieftain Didrik. Had over 70 points in strength with perks. Have already heard 2 of my friends say if these crap doesn’t get fixed, they wouldn’t be back on Conan Exiles, and can’t say I blame them. Plz fix this.


Wait how did you lose a thrall using the map room?

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Battle pass and bazaar items are not working because of failing verification.
I’m holding off playing till it’s fixed and funcom finds someone to blame. I’m sure it was some third party verification thing unrelated to funcom.

That’s 100 croms to Deacon, do you need my steam account number?

Sinkhole or Dregs, maybe.

Other than that D’s an Entertainer. They’re not the best at fighting.

I understand the frustration though.

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