Lost all my thralls

Lost every effing follower I had. Tons of gear. Not sure if this is some sort of lingering effect due to the massive bug earlier or the sudden rule change to ten day decay timer suddenly being put back in effect.

Either way, this game has to be micromanaged to play effectively. You have to constantly babysit.

I now cannot play age of war. Just cant. Got no followers to defend the base. Don’t want to spend weeks rebuilding them all either.

To date I have supported this game with my hard earned money, paid for each expansion and pass and now it is all a waste.

I leave this game vastly disappointed in its mismanagement and lack of customer service.

Me and my friends will no longer support you.


Hello friend did you mean to post on Conan-Exiles? If so might get more attention there Funcom wont have any here till Monday. @Reyna