Agent deploying "unknown" success restriction

An issue came up today, it appears that there is a restriction on deploying an agent if the mission success chance is less than 33%. Setting aside whether the limitation makes sense, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the interface that SAYS that this is the case, it was just process of elimination and checking some code.

If the restriction stays in place, there should be some sort of help message in the agent UI stating this restriction, and I think it would be helpful if that actually pops up when you try to deploy an agent.

Here is an image of an example of what is seen, the only criteria that doesn’t appear to be met is the 33% success rate, so not sure if something else was blocking it:

(Thanks to ChaoticLight for the screenshot and Peloprata for the 33% note)

As an addedum: I didn’t see agent stats being directly compared to the mission requirements in the UI code. They seem to be checked only indirectly through the cacluated affinity %, which evidently doesn’t always match up.

While I am unable to check, this also suggests that agents (such as Amir) who get straight up boosts to their affinity, might be deployed on missions when they don’t actually meet the stated stat requirements.

I have no idea whether this accurately reflects validation checks on the server side, or whether the UI is blocking some agents from going on missions when the game would otherwise let them, and permit other agents may to go on missions and be rejected by the server.

It would be really nice if they could make the % calculations more clear too. In the screenshot, Adapaptbility is 80, requirements for mission is 80. Obviously you’d be barely eiligible but it should be possible logically speaking, based on the info visible.

The other stats would make a difference sure, but there is also the fact that the total affinity is a sum of various invisible stats like critical success chance could be 4% and actual affinity be 28% and its reading the 28% before reading the total affinity.

How much each attribute contributes to the total (and critical) chance would be nice to see. Maybe one of the other stats is reducing the overall success rate as well?

Managed to get an instance of the other half of this:
He had no problems being sent on this mission, despite not actually meeting the requirements for it. If it’s not a bug it’s definitely misleading UI design.

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Your agent’s rank isn’t high enough. The higher level missions unlocked as your first agent rose up through the ranks; your following agents need to do the same to play those missions.

Can you please explain how the “level” (I assume that what you mean with “rank”) of the agent is used in combination with the stats of the agent in the formula for affinity then ?

Unfortunately numbers are not my department so I can’t do that. I can attempt to clarify my previous response. Agent Level determines access to which tier of missions your agent can go on regardless of their personal stats. Think of it as a, “You got the chops, kid, but this is beyond your pay grade,” type scenario. Immerse yourself for a moment. As a clandestine handler who has leg-breakers to report to would you want your team going above and beyond at every assigned task, or just be the bare minimum required?

If it helps for context, this thread started days after the agent system was launched, I don’t know if they had the grayed-out UI element that they have now for agents that are below the threshold, but the original question was simply confusion around the UI not making it clear why agents couldn’t be sent on a mission. Multiple people were unclear about this purely from a UX perspective.

Since then the 33% has been clarified as being the required minimum affinity to send out an agent, regardless of how that value is calculated or what “story” reason there might be for it.

This doesn’t seem to be true at all. It’s entirely down to stats/traits.

Edit: To clarify, you need 33% affinity which is based on stats and bonus traits (if any). I assume you can also go on the mission if you reach 33% by adding an agent uplink but I’ve never tested that.

I could be wrong as I’m going by my personal observations here. They don’t allow me under the hood. :wink:

I’m with Pilch on this. Ability to send an agent on a mission seems to be tied entirely to hitting 33% affinity, however it’s calculated (between stats and +affinity traits). A level 1 agent with a sufficiently powerful piece of gear can be sent on a T2 mission. The 33% value is present in the UI source code, and locks the deploy button.

The issue here was that the affinity requirement is not clearly shown by the UI. Whatever math’s being used behind the scenes doesn’t require you to meet all the requirements, or ensure that meeting them will result in 33%. This becomes particularly obvious on the triple stat T5 missions, where you have to significantly exceed the supposed minimum stats in order to hit 33%.

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When I say traits, I mean that your affinity seems to be reduced if you don’t meet the mission’s bonus requirements. I think this is why it’s so hard to get 33% for the triple stat missions, since they require three traits for the bonus.

Not that I’ve noticed. I conveniently had two agents with the same single stat and compared their affinity on a matching single stat mission for which one had the bonus and the other didn’t. They had the same (non 100%) affinity value.

That was some time ago, but I just managed to replicate the experiment with the T5 mission Deep Underground (Adaptability[Supernatural]), and level 50 Lydia and Queen Rana (with a purple belt to bring her stat up to equality).