AI not responsive, Thralls bugging out

I’ve had a thrall get stuck in the volcano twice: Not on any rock or stair or bridge, just right out in the open on a path they stop dead. If they follow me out of the volcano then they are stuck at the entrance. The only way that worked to get them back to base is to take all of their gear away, have them un-follow and then use the Rescue feature. This brings them back to the base where they start running away as if going somewhere (like back to where the bug started) regardless if I put them in a spot and have them guard.

This is on a private server vanilla game PVE with no mods whatsoever.

This is game breaking Funcom.


It is happening Ignasis, Had this happen to me very often. Playing on a private Server running Siptah, zero mods.

You just have to move around certain Terrain(Rocks, Trees, Walls, stairs, foundations) with your thrall following. At some point you see him sticking to it and not moving anymore.
I have the thrall on attack everything all the time, so he stops from time to time and say “hello” to a rocknose,rhino. When he teleports back is the point where he might get stucked.

The most of stucking happends inside vaults, it happends when the animal/npc does his full Combo and Knock down/back my thrall. The thrall does not recover until i bring the animal/npc back in his melee range, or the animal/npc dies.


I mentioned this in the Testlive forum over a month ago. I can’t remember whether it was in the patch notes that I left the comment or not. Just like almost all my posts in testlive I did not get a response from anyone about. It wasn’t just the forum moderators that ignored the post. Everyone did.

I also made a post/thread last year regarding NPC’s getting stuck and got very little interest. Sigh.


This issue could use some attention.

I have not lost a thrall for a very very very… long time. Lost 4 in one day(yesterday), only because having them stucked in Rocks/Trees/Bushes/Vault entrance, basicly they get stucked inside everything…doing a maelstrom currently is a pain(finally a challenge).

I do not cry After all those hours of leveling thralls, i cry After some well deserved fixes, i cry because Funcom just Had a dump on my 30-40 hours of leveling them.

Again, sad…

PvP offical no mods 1307, thralls do what it want