Aja's Bane: Executioner, Does not Execute

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1730
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Aja’s Bane “Executioner” Not Functioning

Bug Reproduction:

Equip Aja’s Bane, kill something

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Greetings @Brockweaver ,

Can you, please, share more information as well as a video so we can better understand the issue your experiencing?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

I believe the issue is it doesnt do anything different than a normal legendary mace. I have one, and have not noticed any “special” thing happening. I believe execution perk is supposed tp be a critical damage???

Could we get a dev to expkain whatbthat buff is on a weapon, then we will know if it is doing itvor not.

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I never really understood what the hell it was…

The original “executioner” effect from the Executioner’s Axe was to outright kill an opponent that had 10% of their max hp or less when hit. I can’t recall if there were other weapons/armor with the effect pre patch, but I would work under the assumption that that is the intended effect for new legendary weapons with the “Executioner” tag. At work so I cant test it.

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Both the Executioner’s Axe (1H Axe) and the Executioner’s Blade (1H Sword) had this effect.

I did look at that specific effect in the code back when I was modding, iirc it checks if the enemy is under 10% of their max HP and then deals a ton of damage (they didn’t even bother making it so it deals 10% of the target’s max HP lmao, so in theory a very very high HP boss could survive the “execution” lmao).

But anyway, the effect works. Did they actually add it to Aja’s Bane? I have to test :upside_down_face:

With the actual hp bosses have it’s nice, but not highly impressive. It should have been something else when bosses had higher hp.

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Before, it was good for Thunderfoot, and I think that’s the only notable one? It still helped you finish off world bosses with moderately high HP, saving you a few more hits but not that much.
Currently, it is good for the True Champion of the Warmaker because they clearly game him too much health while he deals negative damage kekw, I think that’s all :thinking:

So yeah, it is quite overrated overall :skull_and_crossbones:

Yeah, but that guy is so easy to beat that it doesn’t make much of a difference…
Thunderfoit, OTOH… it’s an excellent source of resources. The amount of elephant hides that beast drops makes him very “huntable” lol

Well, now his HP drops in a heartbeat, I was really surprised!
That being said, I used Agility build so +10% armor pen, and will constant rolling thrust +25% armor pen, might be an additional factor :joy:

It’s just too good not to use. That perk justifies all sacrifices.

As Ulyssi mentioned below, I am familiar with the Executioner Axe/Sword. These to my knowledge work according to the the wiki description “outright kill an opponent that had 10% of their max hp or less when hit”

I do not believe that Aja’s Bane, which had the “Executioner” perk added to the weapon performs in this manner.

A video would only show me whacking at a foe normally doing normal damage.

I do not have access to the code to verify whether it was programmed to have the same effect as the Executioner Axe/Sword as SpherisCore mentioned below.

Just suggesting a check and more verification is in order.

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