What is special with Executioners Axe?

Hey guys

What is specially with the executioners axe?

It will kill an enemy if they’re at 5% health with one blow.


But keep in mind, it is bugged currently for getting XP. So when you or your thrall have the finishing blow with executioner sword or axe, you get 0 XP.

So if you want to level you or your thralls, dont use it (I did it in the beginning - my god was thrall leveling slow).

Aw what? I just got it yesterday from killing this big skeleton thing and was having fun with the axe, it kills things so quick. But now it’s bugged?

Well, only if you want to level up you or your thrall. If you dont need any XP, then you can use it without any problems.

I always used it for boss-killing. 5% HP at a boss helps alot. But before the new thrall leveling. Since then I never use it anymore… So sad.

Thread where wak made some tests: Executioners Axe and Sword Grant no Experience


That thread is from January 4th, so at least by now it’s a known issue. Hopefully it fixed some time soon. I am leveling thralls so I guess I’ll have to put it aside.

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