All DLC´s but some talents dont unlock

Got all dlc´s but exspially the talent with food and type of rideable rhinos dont unlock. It still got the green arrow in the upper right corner and i cant unlock it. What can i do?

Have you double checked in Steam that all the DLC is enabled before you start your game?

Some dlc content have prerequisites that you might not have unlocked.

I’m just guessing here but do you have the animal pen feat unlocked?

If the feat has a green arrow it means that you don’t own the DLC (or at least your system thinks so). If you indeed own all DLCs, start by verifying the files and making sure that they are all installed.

For the rhinos you need Isle of Siptah DLC except for the wartorn rhino which was a reward for purchasing Isle of Siptah during Early Access.

Side note, if your friend has the dlc he can craft you the dlc items you don’t have and you can use them no problem, the one part i love about conan dlc

I have all DLC´s including Isle of Siptah. All DLC´s are marked as owned and installed in steam. I allready checked the game data vie Steam settings with no effect. I know that i can ask a friend to craft me the needed items, but i payed for this contend and i dont want to ask friends every time i need a mounted rhino.

Does the rest of IoS DLC work? Can you craft flotsam and stormglass. Can you share a screenshot with the problematic feat?

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