Dlc feats wont unlock

i purchased every DLC and downloaded them, but when i go to my feats there are some that wont unlock, most of the green arrow ones unlocked, but a few didnt. (Master Stone Carver, Riddle of Steel Helmets, Neca Warpaints, Pool of Refreshment, Thrones of power, Riddle of Steel helmets EPIC.) Even using Admin cheats and unlocking ALL feats wont unlock them.
All of these have a green arrow, so im not sure why they arent unlocked (yes, i have all the prerequisite feats). Anyone know why its not working?
Thanks !!

im using steam, they installed automatically. how do i test to see if they were installed properly?

Log in and open your feats.
You should see their the dlc armor types, weapons and structures.
If the icons are red, you have not learned the needed base feat.

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