Can't access owned / installed DLC Xbox One

Hello, I’m having issues accessing purchased and installed DLC on Xbox One.

Even though the DLC is owned and installed I can neither unlock the necessary feats (even with max level / more than enough feat points / all prior feats unlocked) for crafting or spawn the items using the Admin controls.

I am very new to the game so it is possible I am missing / misunderstanding something.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well as moving the game + DLC files between storage locations (Internal / External SSD)

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

To unlock the DLC you need have it installed. Each DLC has things you need to have unlocked. If the item you are looking at in the feats section of your player is red it means you are missing a couple of feats to unlock. The item you want to craft will

Can confirm the DLC is both purchased and installed in the same location as the base game. When hovering over locked feats it displays prerequisite feats that must be unlocked before the feat in question. When trying to unlock the feats all prerequisite feats are already unlocked.

The items can’t even be spawned in using the admin panel which leans more toward a bug or a problem with DLC installation which as far as I can tell is not the case.

Even locked feat items from the base game can be spawned in with the admin panel so if the DLC was functioning properly that would work regardless of the feat being locked or unlocked.

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