Can't access DLC

Game mode: Any Mode
Problem: Unaccessable Content
Region: Canada

Bought the Debaucheries of Derketo pack. Can’t learn the feat. I have the level, I have the points. I’m doing nothing wrong gameplay-wise, i triple checked. Can’t spawn it in using admin mode in both single player and in a friend’s online server that I Admin on. Content is simply unaccessable. Checked PSN, charge went through, content is purchased. Re-installed the game, didn’t work. Re-valadated licences, didn’t work. PS4 is the Primary.

However my PSN is Canadian, I’m using a UK copy a friend sent me. Is this the issue? If so, can someone make it accessable from the Dev end? I got the Aquilonian pack as well through my Canadian account and I’m having no issues with it on the UK one.

Do I need to contact PSN for a refund and re-purchase through a UK account? (If so, why is is designed that way, why would the in-game “acceptance code” or whatever be the same across versions?)

You don’t learn the DLC feats. Which ones are you not able to access? If it is the build set did you unlock the T3 build set? Doing so automatically unlocks the same set in all DLC versions that you have purchased.

It can take some time for dlc register in game.

As mention above, you don’t learn feat per say, but how menus work. You’ll see that you can “unlock” it. But nothing happens when you click it. Just l2 or r2 menu back and forth real quick and it’ll flip over to green.

As for dlcs… I own UK and NA copy, None of DLC work with other. (itlest for me in my testing)
I use a 2nd psn (thats UK registered) and pick up PSN cards from CD-keys to use on it.

I’ve had few of dlcs not work right off bat (in single player, logging out and back in fixed it)
Online, I’ve had wait 5-10mins.

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Here the Solution:

When you can’t use it.
Then do a license recovery.
Then it should work, but you can’t learn anything from it, as soon as you buy it and have the level, they are usually unlocked immediately.

Have a great day exile.

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